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Be an Active Participant in Your Career

Dentistry is such a great profession. You can be a business owner, an associate, an academic, or a researcher. You can serve your country or help those less fortunate. And no matter your path, you’re helping people protect their health and their smiles. 

Like so many things in life, you have to be proactive about your dental career to get the most out of it. That means deciding what you want, setting priorities, and taking steps to get there! 

I recently sat down with Rolando Mia at the Chicago Dental Society’s Midwinter Meeting. We discussed how dentists can make the most of this wonderful profession at any point in their careers. Listen to the Dental Voice podcast episode now.

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Practice Profile: Great Production, Charm, and Opportunity

Posted by Betsy Krekling, ADA Advisor on 4/21/23 7:45 AM

This charming 8-operatory practice has strong production and collections, great staff, and a wonderful reputation. All that’s missing is a general dentist who can continue to serve patients as the owner prepares for retirement. Choose to buy outright or ease in while learning the business through an associate-to-owner pathway. 

The practice serves local families in a fast-paced, high-energy environment that produces about $1.2 million annually. Tucked near the river in a quaint village’s beautifully restored train depot, the office building is also for sale, if you so desire. 

The owner says, “We value each and every patient. We take time to get to know them and let them know we are here to keep them healthy. We ask them what concerns they have for their oral health. We meet them at their level when they first come in and try to raise that level of wanting good care.” 

The highly skilled staff are committed to the same mission. Together, the team educates patients on good home care and encourages them to ask questions, all to help promote each patient’s overall health. 

Located near the Finger Lakes in the hills of South-Central New York, the inviting village is known for its charm, with plenty of restaurants and entertainment that include a theatre, opera company, and philharmonic orchestra. It’s home to strong schools, annual festivals, and outdoor activities for all four seasons: skiing, snowboarding, boating, fishing, golf, and hiking.

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Case Study: How a Rural Practice Translates to Financial Success & Community Impact

Posted by ADA Practice Transitions Team on 4/19/23 9:47 AM

Why can rural or small-town practices be such a great option for dentists who want to own their own practice?

ADA Trustee Dr. Michael Medovic recently shared his story on the Dental Brief Podcast with host Patrick Chavoustie. The two talked about the benefits of purchasing a dental practice in a small town, including the financial and community advantages. 

Watch the full episode for his story.

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Practice: Renowned TMD/Orofacial Pain Practice with Mountain Views

Posted by Betsy Krekling, ADA Advisor on 4/7/23 7:45 AM

Change patients’ lives in this renowned practice dedicated to treating TMD/orofacial pain and sleep apnea. This 6-op practice has built a regional reputation for improving patients’ quality of life, with a healthy network of referring dentists and other practitioners. And as a 100% fee-for-service practice, you can make a very comfortable living while working with a wonderful staff. 

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Ownership-Minded, But Want Support? Check Out These Practices

Would you like to step into a fully decked-out practice earning $250-450K annually, with full autonomy to practice the way you want, equity buy-in opportunities, and an unlimited CE allowance?  

I recently attended a conference where I was impressed by the quality of the clinicians and the support provided to offices that are members of one particular group practice. By accepting only the best of the best, both in practices and in dentists, this group of doctors ‘wowed’ me in a big way.  

At ADA Practice Transitions, we are always interested in exposing dentists to new opportunities that might suit their needs. When I learned that this impressive group was looking for experienced, ownership-minded doctors in three locations, I immediately wanted to share it with our dentists. 

Each of the following 3 practice opportunities offers: 

  • Stable staff 
  • Unlimited CE 
  • Opportunity for equity buy in
  • Fully updated technology 
  • Stable patient base
  • Health and malpractice insurance
  • HR, IT, marketing, and financial support
  • Access to practice management experts who can help you optimize the practice 
  • A network of colleagues with vast experience available to provide mentorship and on-demand clinical advice
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New eBook: How to Choose the Dental Career Path for You

Posted by ADA Practice Transitions Team on 3/21/23 9:27 AM

Are you wondering about what comes first (or next) in your dental career? Whether you’re just starting your career or looking for a change, you don’t have to settle. After all, you’ve invested a lot of time, money, and energy to reach this point! It’s worth taking the time to find the right fit.

Our new eBook can help you weigh your options. Download it now to explore:

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Practice Profile: Have It All in this 7-Op, Fee-for-Service Practice

Posted by Betsy Krekling, ADA Advisor on 3/10/23 7:45 AM

This stellar, 7-operatory practice is 100% fee for service — and ready for a successor! This small-town family practice focuses on personalized, comfortable general dentistry plus implants, Invisalign, cosmetic dentistry, and sedation. That makes for loyal patients and a healthy bottom line. 

The owner has committed to best practices and current technologies, including cone beam imaging, CAD/CAM, CEREC, dental lasers, digital radiography, and an in-house lab. The spacious, well-maintained, modern facility is right on Main Street, yet set back among plenty of parking and great landscaping. The office has attractive finishes throughout, and the operatories overlook nearby wetlands along the gorgeous Maine coast. 

Patient reviews rave about the compassionate, skilled staff, and the dedicated team enjoys time together in and out of the office. 

The current owner is approaching retirement and wants to find someone ready to take over when the time is right. Choose the timeline that’s right for you!

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Finding (and Ensuring) the Right Practice Fit

What does it take to find the right fit for your practice transition?

It all comes down to finding someone who shares your mission, vision, and values. That’s true whether you’re an associate looking for a practice or a long-time owner trying to find a successor. 

So how do you assess mission, vision, and values during your search process? They can be hard to articulate — particularly if you haven’t been practicing very long — but in-depth discussions can reveal your preferences and priorities. 

Before you get to the point where you’re signing a letter of intent or an associate contract, spend time together in the practice. (Preferably, that means shadowing the practice and doctor at least three times — while patients are being seen — to get a true feel for how the practice runs.) Observe closely to make sure you’re on the same page about:

  • The level of care being delivered
  • How you interact with patients, specialists, and the community
  • Treatment planning
  • How you manage and work with staff

I recently discussed all this with Patrick Chavoustie of the Dental Brief Podcast.

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How to Create the Right Exit Plan for You

Posted by ADA Practice Transitions Team on 3/1/23 7:15 AM

If you own a practice, you’ll eventually need an exit strategy. And it’s wise to start thinking about your preferences long before you think you’ll need to sell. After all, sometimes life happens and forces you to act sooner. 

It can feel daunting to think about walking away from the practice you’ve spent decades building. How will your patients be cared for? What about your loyal staff? 

And what about YOU? What will you do during your retirement?

Relax. You have options — probably more than you realize! Retirement doesn’t always have to look like a 100% sale in which you hand over the keys and never look back. Today, many doctors are approaching their retirement as a years-long transition period during which they can do more of what they love — and leave behind the things they don’t prefer. That can take a lot of forms, including practicing part-time, teaching/mentoring, helping underserved populations, or making a fresh start in an entirely new-to-you practice. Your options are limited only by your imagination!

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Building the Type of Practice that Retains Staff

I recently joined Kelly Tanner on the Dental Handoff podcast. We spent a lot of time discussing why it’s so important to cultivate the type of practice that staff will WANT to stay in. 

After all, dentistry is about relationships. And if you want to build long-term relationships with your staff, you need to be the type of leader that inspires respect. 

So how can you “own the operatory” in a way that makes your practice a great place to work?

Kelly and I discussed this at length, including:

  • Learning to “read the room,” or understand the non-verbal cues your staff (and patients!) are sending 
  • Why great leaders should keep an open mind and encourage staff to share their ideas
  • How to nurture the staff development that is vital to a strong, stable practice
  • Ways to create an atmosphere where team members will strive to improve the practice — together

We also talked about how important it is to choose the right staff for your practice, whether you’re hiring an associate or auxiliary or looking for your successor. When you find someone who “meshes” with the staff and practice, you increase the likelihood of long-term satisfaction for all involved — doctors, staff, and patients. 

But success isn’t guaranteed when you find the right person; rather, you should also lay out an integration plan that will help the entire practice through the transition. A good integration plan will ensure that everyone is prepared so that the new team member feels confident treating patients from their very first day.  

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