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Practice Profile: Tech-forward & Profitable with Room to Grow in the Hudson Valley

Posted by Betsy Krekling, ADA Advisor on 2/26/21 9:15 AM

Buy this technology-forward, 100% fee-for-service practice that enjoys fantastic production and a well-earned reputation for delivering top-quality care.

This 4-operatory solo practice is currently open four days a week – but there’s an 11-week wait for hygiene and a 6-week wait for treatment. Meanwhile, the practice receives 8 to 12 calls per day from new patients moving to the area from New York City. That means there’s demand to expand beyond the practice’s current 2,800 patients (and space to do so).

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Practice Profile: Fully Equipped Practice in an Underserved, Supportive Community

Posted by Betsy Krekling, ADA Advisor on 2/19/21 8:45 AM

Looking to run your own solo practice while serving a community that needs a dentist?

If you are mission-driven, this is your chance to step into a fully equipped practice with an eager patient base at minimal cost.

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Practice Profile: Grow Your Career in this Fast-Growing Town

Posted by Betsy Krekling, ADA Advisor on 2/12/21 9:00 AM

This small two-operatory practice has built a loyal following over 35+ years! The practice has high gross and low overhead on just 21 hours a week. Combine that with nearby dentists on the cusp of retirement and a community that’s quickly adding new subdivisions – and seize the growth potential.

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How to Tell if that Nice Practice is Right for You

If you are approaching a practice purchase, you have a lot on your plate! Financing, real estate, maybe licensure if you’re considering relocating.

So what happens when you find a practice? Before you get in the weeds of legal and financial review, make sure this is the right practice for you. After all, you want to buy the practice where you can achieve the perfect blend of career satisfaction, financial stability, AND success.

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Practice Profile: 4-Op Practice with No Need to Advertise

Posted by Betsy Krekling, ADA Advisor on 2/5/21 9:15 AM

Patient-focused practice in coastal Georgia seeks a buyer who can balance clinically necessary treatment with the restraint and discretion that prioritizes patient needs over upsells.

The family-friendly practice is dedicated to delivering clinically relevant dentistry and hygiene in a relaxed atmosphere, with “no corporate oversight, no sales quotas.” Staff and patients all love this approach, relatively unique in the area.

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Set Reasonable Expectations for Your First Dental Job (and Whatever Comes Next)

Posted by Betsy Krekling, ADA Advisor on 2/3/21 9:15 AM

Rounding the corner into your last year or semester of dental school? If you’re on the job hunt, you’re probably wondering what that first job might look like.

Just like in every other field, you may not find the “perfect” forever job right out of the gate. It often takes a few years of working in a few different scenarios before you can learn what type of practice is right for you.

Some people love a bustling, busy practice with a dozen doctors working side by side, each focused on a couple specific treatments. Others prefer to do a little bit of everything and work solo. There’s no right or wrong – it’s a matter of preference.

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How Long Does a Practice Transition Take?

Posted by Betsy Krekling, ADA Advisor on 1/26/21 9:00 AM

As dentists begin their practice transitions, nearly all have the same question on their minds: how long do you think this is going to take?

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Feeling Stuck? Take Control of Your Dental Destiny

Posted by Betsy Krekling, ADA Advisor on 1/19/21 8:45 AM

As an ADA Advisor helping dentists navigate their practice transitions, I talk to many dentists who say they feel “stuck.” When someone says this, I always try to better understand what they mean. Their answers tend to fall into one of a few categories:

  • They have been in their current practice for a few years and feel like there’s no room for advancement. The owner isn’t retiring any time soon and doesn’t want to share patients or responsibility.
  • They are in a corporate practice and like the stability, but feel burned out.
  • They want to buy but aren’t sure how they can afford it, or don’t feel quite ready. (And they know there’s a lot they don’t know.)
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ADAPT's Top 10 Posts from 2020

Posted by Bree Simmers on 1/11/21 11:12 AM

Maybe 2020 didn't go exactly as planned, but now that we're in 2021, we want to catch you up on some of the best practice transition tips we provided in the past year. Here are our most popular blog posts from 2020.

And if you're ready to take the next step in your career, start your ADAPT profile today.

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Practice Profile: Be the Only Dentist in Town — at Half the Appraised Value

Posted by Bree Simmers on 12/30/20 8:30 AM

Buy this small-town practice for half the appraised price and be the only dentist in town! The owner was forced to retire for health reasons, leaving patients to drive 25+ miles to the nearest dentist. The local bank is eager to work with a potential buyer to help bring a dentist back to town – so this could be your perfect opportunity to own a practice with an instant patient base.

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