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Practice Profile: 1500+ Patients Need You in this 4-op Practice

Have you thought about building your ideal practice – but don’t want to start from scratch?

Check out this solid 4-operatory practice with a loyal patient following and plenty of room to grow! The seller is willing to sell for less than 20% of the yearly gross production and will entertain any offers. This would be an ideal first or satellite practice.

Dentists on FIRE:  How 2 Dentists Saved $1 Million and Became Debt Free in 8 Years

I grew up spending my summers at my grandparents’ farm in Sidney, Illinois – population 973. (I was related to 846 of them.) So I felt quite comfortable as I drove past cornfields for the 20 miles from the interstate highway to my destination about two hours from Chicago. I was going to visit a couple of ADA Practice Transitions customers to learn why they had chosen to practice in a small Illinois town.

Eight years ago, this husband-and-wife pair of dentists purchased a practice in a small rural town. A year later, they opened a second practice in a similar town about nine miles away. They share their time between the two practices. One works three and the other four days a week to give them time to raise their two young children. Even though they are both still under 40 years old, they signed up with ADAPT to sell their practices to the right buyer. When I asked what was prompting them to sell, they said, “Have you ever heard of FIRE?”

Watch: How to Make Your Practice More Appealing

You’ve worked hard to build a great practice — how can you make it stand out in a competitive market?

Last week, I spoke to a group of Florida dentists about making their practices more appealing to potential buyers and associates. During this webinar, I shared tips to help your practice shine.

Watch the recording to learn:

  • What younger dentists are looking for in a practice
  • Small things you can do right now to make your practice show better
  • Longer-term strategies to prepare for an eventual sale
  • How to attract the right buyer for your practice and patients

Practice Profile: Busy Associateship with a Smooth Path to Partnership

Looking for an associateship with a clear path to partnership? Join this busy 6-operatory practice to launch your successful future! For over 40 years, the dentists and five hygienists at this practice have emphasized preventive care, nurturing strong ties with the local community and building lasting patient relationships. Now, the retiring senior doctor in this father-son practice is looking for someone committed to carrying on those lasting relationships.

The fast-paced practice is profitable, with 40% fee-for-service patients. Dedicated staff – including three with more than 25 years of service – are eager to help you succeed. The retiring doctor says that working in this practice is “a gratifying and rewarding experience, with a high level of appreciation from patients and a very pleasant working environment.”

What Went Wrong: The Quality of Care Wasn’t Up to My Standard

When you’re considering buying or joining a practice, there’s a lot on your plate! You’re reviewing financials, insurance mix, schedules, local competition… the list goes on. 

At ADAPT, we talk a lot about how important philosophy of care is for making successful matches. However, another element is just as crucial: quality of care.  

Every dentist talks about delivering the highest standard of care. And while there are multiple ways to get a great result, that “great result” can look different to each dentist.  

Let’s examine what went wrong when a buyer discovered she strove for a higher standard than the seller.

Practice Profile: Successful, Fun-loving Office with Mentorship

Want to buy a successful, well-established practice with a fun-loving team? Would you appreciate some hands-on mentorship from the selling owners? 
If you are looking for a quality private practice supported by a fun, professional staff, check out this 5-operatory office in suburban Chicago! It has been part of the community for 30 years, steadily growing through word-of-mouth referrals by patients who appreciate the quality work and comfortable atmosphere. 

Non-Competes Are Irrelevant (In a Perfect World)

It seems nearly every dentist knows someone with a similar story: an associate who “came into my practice, soaked up all my knowledge, then opened a practice across the street and took half my patients.”

Such experiences are why non-compete clauses have become almost standard in dental associate employment agreements. For those of you who may not know, a non-compete clause is a legally binding agreement where an employee is prevented from starting a similar business or working for a competitor for a specified period of time after leaving an employer. In dentistry, it also often includes a geographic restriction.

At ADAPT, we hear a lot about non-competes as our members consider changing jobs. These clauses – often overlooked by incoming associates during contract negotiations – can limit a dentist’s future flexibility.

Transition Tale: Where Quality of Care Matters Most

As Dr. Ancy Verdier finished up his periodontics residency at Tufts University, he — like many younger dentists — looked for associateships in the big city. He wanted to be near family in his hometown of Scarsdale, NY but assumed he had to be in Manhattan to practice the kind of dentistry he loved. 

Dr. Verdier was soon working at group practices in Manhattan and the Hamptons, building a great reputation and treating celebrity clients. He even built his own practice from scratch in the Hamptons while still working in other practices and teaching.

Practice Profile: Grow this Low-Overhead Practice with No Competition

Want to buy a practice where you can be busy and productive from your very first day? 1,800+ active patients and two long-term staff are eager to meet the new owner of this busy 3-operatory, small-town practice! This is a great opportunity to buy your first practice or a ready-made satellite practice.

The entire parish has only four dentists serving a population of 14,000. Three of those dentists are over the age of 55. This practice currently refers out all perio and no one does implants or molar endo within 50 miles. That means there’s ample opportunity for you to grow this practice to meet a real need for bread-and-butter dentistry.

No Stupid Questions: Why (and When) Should I Get a Practice Valuation?

Welcome to No Stupid Questions, our new Real Talk series in which we bring in practice transitions experts to answer your most pressing questions. Have a question for our experts? Ask it in the comments below!

For today’s question, we reached out to Chris Mayer of The Heimat Group, ADAPT's trusted transactions partner. Chris holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and has experience valuing dental practices (and other businesses) prior to mergers or acquisitions. Chris graduated with a finance degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business where he was a member of the applied equity market research program specializing in fundamental analysis, equity valuation, and market research. During his University of Wisconsin-Madison undergraduate program, Chris was selected to attend the Otto Beischeim School of Management in Vallendar, Germany. He also attended the University of Leipzig, Germany where he worked on his Masters in Finance & Economics.

Question: Why and when should I get a practice valuation? And what is a valuation, exactly?

Transition Tale: Better Fit, Perfect Match

Dr. Katie Satula’s busy practice has a well-earned reputation for family-friendly dentistry. The practice has been a fixture in Hales Corners, Wisconsin for over 30 years, treating several generations. [Pictured from left: Drs. Raimann, Satula, Ebert, and Mueller. Drs. Raimann and Mueller were the original owners of the practice and are now enjoying their retirements.]

“I love being your local family dentist who sees a little one for their first appointment, all the way to their great-great grandma and everyone in between,” says Dr. Katie.

When the practice’s senior dentist began planning to retire, Dr. Katie knew she needed to find an associate.

Practice Profile: Seaside Solo Practice with Ideal Work-Life Balance

Looking for a unique opportunity to be the only dentist in a small seaside town? Purchase this practice and enjoy fulfilling work in a beautiful setting.

Check out this practice in Hoodsport, Washington, a small seaside town in the shadow of the Olympic Mountains. Hoodsport is located on the Hood Canal and serves as a gateway to Washington’s Olympic National Park, Olympic National Forest, and Washington State’s Olympic Forest. This practice is ideal for a solo doctor seeking optimal work-life balance or a satellite practice to grow your business.

Someone Like Me

I was sitting behind special mirrored glass at a research facility watching an interviewer speak with a dentist. We were doing the research for what would become ADA Practice Transitions. I watched as yet another dentist said, “I want to sell my practice to someone like me.”

This sentiment is at the heart of what we are trying to build at ADAPT: we believe that a consistent philosophy of care is critical to the longevity of a dental practice, particularly when a change of ownership occurs.

Previous interviews had taught us that we would hear that statement frequently: “I want to sell my practice to someone like me.” But we had also learned that we needed to dig a little deeper to understand what “like me” actually meant.

Transition Tale: A 'More Scientific' Way to Find the Right Person

Dr. Charles Schmidt’s practice was booked out for weeks. Just as several local dentists were retiring, the Lancaster, New Hampshire area was growing. Both Dr. Schmidt and his associate were busy and getting busier!

Dr. Schmidt needed to hire another associate to keep up with this growth. But he wanted someone who would fit into the practice and the town. After all, this small-town practice is built on relationships, with a close-knit, down-to-earth team. His ideal hire would understand small-town life and be eager to build patient relationships while becoming part of the local community.

With the help of ADA Practice Transitions (ADAPT), he found just the right person.

Practice Profile: High-Energy Office Seeks Team Player

Are you comfortable performing all aspects of dentistry, except complicated surgery and implant planning and surgery? Come work in a supportive environment with a great team – but never work a weekend or Friday afternoon again! Join this high-tech, 8-op practice seeking an associate who can be a true team player. You’ll join an exceptional team that cultivates an enthusiastic, harmonious, supportive atmosphere.

As one of the practice owners explains, “You will often hear our patients’ laughter throughout the office. It’s just a fabulous experience here, and we think you’ll love it, too!”

More Than Meets the Eye: Looking Beyond Million-Dollar Collections

You asked, we're answering! Today we're introducing Real Talk to answer your questions about career planning, finance, practice management during transitions, and more. First up is this More Than Meets the Eye post, designed to answer one of our most-asked questions: "How do I compare two practices?"

Practice Profile: Must Love Dogs: Hands-on Associateship with Mentorship

Are you looking for a first associateship where you can get hands-on mentorship?

Do you want to work in a high-tech, innovative practice with a trained therapy dog on staff?

Join this 6-operatory practice where you will be treated as a professional from day one – with all the mentorship you need to grow your career! New grads are welcome and encouraged.

Listen: How Dental Students Can Take Ownership of Their Careers

Our Dr. Suzanne Ebert, VP of Dental Practice & Relationship Management, recently spoke with Yolanda Marrero of the South Florida District Dental Association’s Ain’t That the Tooth podcast. Listen in as they discuss:

Practice Profile: An Associateship with Mentorship & Loan Repayment

Did you get into dentistry to truly help people? Check out this associateship opportunity in a Federally Qualified Community Health Center that strives to make healthcare attainable. Ideal for new grads! Gain the hands-on mentorship you need to build confidence, while potentially qualifying for up to $100,000 in student loan forgiveness.

You’ll join three general dentists working in a fully updated practice that values patient care above all. The clinic specializes in general dentistry, including preventive, restorative, and child screenings.

Practice Profile: Carry On a Tradition of Trusted Care, Enjoy a Waterfront Lifestyle

For 43 years, this 4-operatory practice has built strong, lasting relationships with local patients – which is why they’re now serving third- and fourth-generation families. Buy this practice to carry it into the future with the support of the seller, the team, and the community.

The seller notes, “I have been blessed with an amazing staff that make my workday smooth and enjoyable. I feel my team members are my family and we make decisions together for the overall benefit of the patients that we serve. We take pride in providing quality, compassionate care and going above and beyond to ensure our patient experience is as comfortable as possible. We have gained their trust by listening to their needs. We have educated them to help make the best treatment decisions to maintain a healthy oral environment for years to come. Our patients' trust in us is reflected in a high acceptance rate of our treatment plan suggestions.”

Watch: How Going Independent Can Help Dentists, Patients

Dr. Suzanne Ebert, ADAPT's VP of Dental Practice & Relationship Management, recently appeared on BNN-TV to discuss how independent dentistry is faring in a changing market. Watch as she discusses:

  • The differences between corporate and independent dentistry
  • How growing student loan debt is affecting dentists’ career decisions
  • How COVID-19 accelerated some retirements while nudging some furloughed dentists towards ownership
  • Why dentistry is a great profession for women

Practice Profile: Path to Partnership in an Award-Winning Practice

Looking for an associateship with a path to partnership? Join this high-profile, award-winning, fee-for-service practice! If you are hardworking, motivated, and have at least 3 years of general dentistry experience, you need to learn more about this practice.

The practice owner seeks an associate who will put patient care first, someone who will build valuable relationships while meeting the highest standards. You must be superbly proficient in restorative dentistry and crown and bridge. If you have oral surgery, endodontics, and implant experience – even better!

Practice Profile: Established, Well-Located 4 Operatories in Suburban Denver

Over 30+ years, this solo practice has built a loyal 1,800-patient pool in a growing area. Now it’s your turn: step into this 4-operatory practice in the bustling Denver suburbs and enjoy all that Colorado has to offer!

Practice Profile: Dreams Come True in this Suburban Boutique Practice

Looking for your starter practice or a satellite office? This suburban, family-friendly boutique practice could make your ownership dreams come true!

The seller shares a story:

“Once upon a time, a new dentist set out to build a dental practice. Thirty-five years later, this practitioner is ready to say ‘good bye’ to her multigenerational family of patients – those original patients, their children, even their children’s children.”

Practice Profile: Be Busy & Appreciated in this Full-time Associateship

Want to be more than just a number? This dental practice is the perfect place to launch a meaningful dental career! The senior dentist seeks a full-time associate with a great chair-side manner to commit to learning, continuing education, and giving back. In return, the senior dentist will be dedicated to your professional development. New grads welcome!

What Went Wrong: I Got Too Comfortable in My Associateship

I have said it before, and I will say it again: now is a fantastic time to buy a practice! Today’s low interest rates, motivated buyers, and comprehensive support network can help you launch the next phase of your career.

Practice Profile: 4-op Mountain Practice with Sky-High Potential

This 4-operatory, high-tech office is a young dentist's dream come true. This practice is very profitable on a part-time schedule – giving you the option to expand hours (and profits) or maintain the schedule to enjoy all the nearby mountains have to offer!

All four operatories are updated with the latest technology, including CBCT, digital radiographs, paperless charts, implant surgical kits, PRF machine, sleep apnea diagnostic equipment, electric handpieces, and intraoral cameras. This investment reflects the seller’s commitment to continuous learning and evidence-based care.

Why Now is a Great Time to Buy a Practice

The last year was unsettling for many people, even in a relatively stable profession like dentistry. If you weren’t furloughed, you probably know people who were. 

The pandemic gave a lot of us time to think about the big picture and recalibrate our goals. 

That’s part of the reason I’m seeing so many would-be owners joining ADA Practice Transitions. Some are 10 to 15 years post graduation and say that they have always wanted to own a practice, but for whatever reason, it kept getting pushed to the back burner. The pandemic gave them a new perspective, and they realized they are frustrated by the “lack of control” they have as associates. Now they're ready to take charge of their futures.

Practice Profile: Immediate Productivity, Instant Growth Potential

This immaculate 3-operatory general practice is a terrific value. Everything’s in place so you can be immediately productive: equipment, digital x-ray and patient files, upscale office décor, staff, and patients! Add your skills and a pinch of entrepreneurship to build on this successful boutique practice just outside Chicago.

Practice Profile: Build Your Career in this Well-Established, 5-Op Practice

Steady growth, steady staff, steady patients! Buy this 5-operatory practice to build your career on a solid foundation. With low overhead, strong financials, and a loyal patient pool, you’ll be set for satisfaction.

The seller is happy to provide as much mentorship and guidance as you need to ensure a successful transition.

Practice Profile: Ready to Prosper with Your Leadership

Great staff? Check. All the technology? Check. Updated for COVID? Check. Well-established? Check.

This fully functional, paperless practice has everything. It just needs YOU as its new leader!

For more than 50 years, this practice has served the community and built a loyal patient pool. Now the current owner must retire due to health issues, presenting a prime opportunity for you to step right in!

Humans, AI, and Networks: How ADAPT Makes Connections

In April, we at ADA Practice Transitions celebrated our second anniversary. Our beginnings were modest, launching in just two states, Maine and Wisconsin. Within that first year, we expanded to six additional states. And now, by the end of our second year, we have expanded our service to all 50 states, with customers in every single one of them.

It is a human tendency to use an anniversary as a time of reflection. At ADAPT, our goal has always been to provide a better way of managing transitions for all of dentistry.

We started off with extensive research, where we often heard dentists complain how difficult it is to find a good match. No one had the scope to cast a wide net in matching sellers with buyers or owners with employees. We thought, “The ADA can do that,” and began designing the service to address those complaints.

Practice Profile: Grow in this Associateship with Hands-On Mentorship

Looking for an associateship in a well-established practice where you’ll be busy from day one? Then this 7-operatory practice needs YOU! New grads and recent residents are welcome, as the team is willing to mentor the right person.

For 40 years, this cosmetic and general dentistry practice has fostered warm, sincere relationships that have translated into loyal patients. The two owners have built an amazing team, some of whom have 25+ years of service. Everyone works well together: two doctors, five assistants, four hygienists, and five front office staff. The senior dentist is approaching retirement, while his partner will remain for the long term.

Practice Profile: Build this Small Solo Practice into Your Dream

This well-established solo practice is small but mighty! It could be the ideal place to launch your career – or to slow down.

Founded in 2000, the seller has built a loyal base of patients with just two operatories. However, a third operatory is already plumbed and ready to establish as a hygiene room – and there’s enough space to add a fourth operatory when you’re ready.

OK Boomer! What D’ya Want Millennial?

It is astonishing how many articles, essays, and opinion pieces there are about generational differences between baby boomers and millennials. Not to mention the YouTube videos, memes, and TikToks poking fun and parodying one side or the other. My favorite is here (and I’m a boomer!).

The last thing I want to do is write yet another blog post pontificating on how the generations misunderstand one another. Instead, I want to focus on what both groups share – especially when talking about dentists working together in an office as owner and associate or transitioning a practice from one dentist to another.

Practice Profile: Be Productive from Day One – With Mentorship to Grow the Practice

Ready for a profitable, well-located practice with room to grow – and the mentorship to make it happen?

Check out this solo, 6-operatory practice that currently treats 6,000+ patients. The seller works four days a week, but an average hygiene wait of eight weeks indicates demand to expand the schedule. And with cone beam imaging, paperless records, caries detection devices, digital radiography, and intraoral cameras, you’ll have all the equipment you need to deliver top-quality care.

Webinar Replay: How to Get Started with the Mentorship-to-Ownership Transition Path

86% of graduating dental students report that they want to own a private practice within ten years of graduation. And 51% hope to do so in just five years, according to ADA data.

COVID-19 didn't really change these numbers. But COVID did decrease the amount of hands-on clinical time available to these graduating students.

Practice Profile: Expandable 3-op Practice with a Low-cost, High-quality Lifestyle

This 3-operatory family practice is perfectly located in an area that balances great quality of life with a low cost of living! The fee-for-service model provides a very comfortable lifestyle with the satisfaction of a hands-on general practice.

The seller has set a very reasonable price, so you can afford to buy this practice while building your ideal work-life balance. The area’s shortage of dental providers creates demand to expand – and the space to do so!

Practice Profile: Well-oiled Practice, Eager for a Successful Transition

Purchase this five-operatory practice that runs like a well-oiled machine – backed by a staff and seller eager to help you succeed!

This practice is built with an emphasis on management, systems, exceptional service, and moderate fees. The result is excellent production and collection, with 40% net profit. Better yet, the well-organized, low-stress practice provides plenty of satisfaction for patients, staff, and doctor.

Practice Profile: Minimally-Invasive Practice Where Less is More

If you take a very conservative approach to your dentistry, this solo practice might be perfect!

This 8-operatory practice follows the Minimally Invasive Dentistry philosophy that respects the health, function, and aesthetics of oral tissue by preventing disease from occurring or intercepting its progress with minimal tissue loss. Using techniques such as Air Abrasion, this practice sets a high standard of care where “less is more.”

What Went Wrong: I Sabotaged the Sale

All too often, I see buyers and sellers alike sabotage what could have been a perfect transition. Sometimes, it just was not meant to be. Other times, an earlier mistake stops the entire process. By then, it’s often too late to fix — especially if the mistake has sowed distrust or doubt. 

Let’s look at three scenarios where a sale was torpedoed and explore how things could have turned out better.

Practice Profile: Fee-for-service, Fully Digital Practice Ready for a New Owner

Well-established, amalgam-free, fully computerized practice is ready for you! This 5-operatory, fee-for-service practice has built its reputation on personalized, high quality care.

Practice Profile: Enjoy Work-Life Balance in Wine Country

This 4-operatory solo practice is designed for work-life balance – and located in the perfect place to enjoy that flexibility! The seller explains, “Some live to work; we work to live,” noting that the schedule is optimized to provide for quality personal/family time. “I believe time away allows for improved productivity on the return,” the seller says. “Work is important, but so is life.”

What Went Wrong: Life Happened – And I Had to Sell!

As I talk to dentists preparing for career transitions, some are simply taking the next step on their long-planned path. But others are facing an unplanned change after “life happened” and made them rethink their priorities and goals.

Sometimes it’s a positive reason, like wanting to spend more time with grandchildren or pursue a non-dentistry passion. Other times, a health issue (whether their own or a family member’s) forces a shift. Maybe an elderly parent needs full-time care. Or they’re navigating a divorce or major life change. Sometimes it’s simply burnout.

Practice Profile: 6-Op Practice with Low Overhead & Excellent Collections

Want a well-run practice with very experienced staff dedicated to delivering gentle dentistry? This 6-operatory practice could be perfect for you – and the seller is ready to negotiate and retire!

Practice Profile: Become an Integral Part of this Unique California Town

Be the only full-time dentist in a town that’s quickly rebuilding!

This 4-operatory practice has the technology, staff, and friendly hometown vibes to make a satisfying career. But it also has the distinction of being in Paradise, California which is in the midst of massive rebuilding after the disastrous 2018 Camp Fire. This presents unique opportunities to be part of rebuilding a community.

Listen: What Nobody Told Me About Practice Transitions

What do you wish you knew before starting a practice transition?

Our Dr. Suzanne Ebert recently joined an episode of the Nobody Told Me That podcast with host Teresa Duncan. Together, they discussed how COVID has changed the dental practice landscape, shared tips on preparing for the unexpected – and told stories about some of the stranger situations they have encountered!

Practice Profile: Extremely Low Overhead, Smooth Operations, Great Profit

This well-respected, profitable practice boasts extremely low overhead, thanks to a great sharing arrangement. The 4-operatory practice turns a great profit on 4.5 days a week.

Put Your Name on the Building Sooner with the Mentorship-to-Ownership Path

Have you always dreamed of owning your own practice? Are you ready to take charge of your future now?

Many dentists do. In fact, ASDA data reports that 86% of all dental students aspire to some type of ownership within 10 years after graduation.

If you are looking for a solid pathway to ownership sooner rather than later, and you are confident that you can handle running a practice now but are unable to obtain financing – don’t despair! We have created a pathway that may just be perfect for you.

The Mentorship-to-Ownership Path: Is it Right for Your Practice?

Maybe COVID was the last straw. Perhaps you’re tired of spending sunny days at the office rather than on the golf course. Maybe a health concern now makes practicing difficult, or even impossible.

No matter what the reason, you’re ready to retire ASAP, but you don’t want to leave your patients in the lurch.

And you don’t quite want to sell, not yet. You might need the health insurance until you qualify for Medicare. Or maybe you still want to consult and train your replacement, but simply can’t do the hands-on work any longer.

Practice Profile: Take Advantage of All the Bells & Whistles

Make the most of your skills when you buy one of the most technologically advanced offices in the area! New CBCT, rotary endo, implant surgery systems, Sirona Primescan, extraoral evacuation, Isolite intraoral evacuation — all less than 18 months old.

Practice Profile: Solo Practice, Idyllic Mountain Lifestyle

Be the only dentist in an idyllic, unique town nestled among Washington’s Cascade Mountains! This 3-operatory “local and friendly” practice serves about 1,000 patients from the town and surrounding valley.

To DSO or Not to DSO, That Is the Question

DSOs are one of the most polarizing issues in the current dental economy. People seem to believe they are either “destroying dentistry as we know it” or “the best possible way to practice dentistry,” with very little room in between.

Practice Profile: Fulfilling Associate-to-Partnership in a Top Vacation Destination

Do you feel burned out and controlled by PPOs? Stuck in a corporate model where you feel un-fulfilled with the quality of dentistry you are doing? And do you feel underappreciated (and underpaid)?

Whether you are recently out of residency or about to sell your practice after many years of ownership, this associate position may be the change you are looking for.

Get Outdoors — When Not Working in this Thriving 2-Op Practice

Want a small practice where you can really get to know your patients? This two-operatory solo practice is ready for you — and has room to grow!

What Went Wrong: My Staff Left After I Bought the Practice

When a doctor considers buying a practice, they look beyond the building and the equipment. After all, the patients and staff make a practice!

A strong, loyal patient pool is the most valuable asset in a sale, and long-term, well-trained staff are worth their weight in gold.

But if staff are unhappy with a transition — even if they stick around — patients are more likely to leave. So how can a new owner retain staff and patients after the transition?

Practice Profile: Step into the 'Opportunity of a Lifetime'

Calling all dentists with dreams of ownership: purchase this highly respected, successful practice and set yourself up for a great career! This highly successful 4-operatory solo practice has room to grow – plus the mentorship to help you succeed.

What’s Next: How to Plan for the Dental Career of Your Dreams


As you think about the end of dental school, or how to plan your career, you’re probably wondering, “What's next?”

Far too often, I hear dental students say something like, “My only option is to grab the first job I can find. I know I’m going to be miserable while I increase my speed and clinical skills.” But you don’t need to feel that way!

Practice Profile: Tech-forward & Profitable with Room to Grow in the Hudson Valley

Buy this technology-forward, 100% fee-for-service practice that enjoys fantastic production and a well-earned reputation for delivering top-quality care.

This 4-operatory solo practice is currently open four days a week – but there’s an 11-week wait for hygiene and a 6-week wait for treatment. Meanwhile, the practice receives 8 to 12 calls per day from new patients moving to the area from New York City. That means there’s demand to expand beyond the practice’s current 2,800 patients (and space to do so).

Practice Profile: Fully Equipped Practice in an Underserved, Supportive Community

Looking to run your own solo practice while serving a community that needs a dentist?

If you are mission-driven, this is your chance to step into a fully equipped practice with an eager patient base at minimal cost.

Practice Profile: Grow Your Career in this Fast-Growing Town

This small two-operatory practice has built a loyal following over 35+ years! The practice has high gross and low overhead on just 21 hours a week. Combine that with nearby dentists on the cusp of retirement and a community that’s quickly adding new subdivisions – and seize the growth potential.

How to Tell if that Nice Practice is Right for You

If you are approaching a practice purchase, you have a lot on your plate! Financing, real estate, maybe licensure if you’re considering relocating.

So what happens when you find a practice? Before you get in the weeds of legal and financial review, make sure this is the right practice for you. After all, you want to buy the practice where you can achieve the perfect blend of career satisfaction, financial stability, AND success.

Practice Profile: 4-Op Practice with No Need to Advertise

Patient-focused practice in coastal Georgia seeks a buyer who can balance clinically necessary treatment with the restraint and discretion that prioritizes patient needs over upsells.

The family-friendly practice is dedicated to delivering clinically relevant dentistry and hygiene in a relaxed atmosphere, with “no corporate oversight, no sales quotas.” Staff and patients all love this approach, relatively unique in the area.

Set Reasonable Expectations for Your First Dental Job (and Whatever Comes Next)

Rounding the corner into your last year or semester of dental school? If you’re on the job hunt, you’re probably wondering what that first job might look like.

Just like in every other field, you may not find the “perfect” forever job right out of the gate. It often takes a few years of working in a few different scenarios before you can learn what type of practice is right for you.

Some people love a bustling, busy practice with a dozen doctors working side by side, each focused on a couple specific treatments. Others prefer to do a little bit of everything and work solo. There’s no right or wrong – it’s a matter of preference.

How Long Does a Practice Transition Take?

As dentists begin their practice transitions, nearly all have the same question on their minds: how long do you think this is going to take?

Feeling Stuck? Take Control of Your Dental Destiny

As an ADA Advisor helping dentists navigate their practice transitions, I talk to many dentists who say they feel “stuck.” When someone says this, I always try to better understand what they mean. Their answers tend to fall into one of a few categories:

  • They have been in their current practice for a few years and feel like there’s no room for advancement. The owner isn’t retiring any time soon and doesn’t want to share patients or responsibility.
  • They are in a corporate practice and like the stability, but feel burned out.
  • They want to buy but aren’t sure how they can afford it, or don’t feel quite ready. (And they know there’s a lot they don’t know.)

ADAPT's Top 10 Posts from 2020

Maybe 2020 didn't go exactly as planned, but now that we're in 2021, we want to catch you up on some of the best practice transition tips we provided in the past year. Here are our most popular blog posts from 2020.

And if you're ready to take the next step in your career, start your ADAPT profile today.

Practice Profile: Be the Only Dentist in Town — at Half the Appraised Value

Buy this small-town practice for half the appraised price and be the only dentist in town! The owner was forced to retire for health reasons, leaving patients to drive 25+ miles to the nearest dentist. The local bank is eager to work with a potential buyer to help bring a dentist back to town – so this could be your perfect opportunity to own a practice with an instant patient base.

More Resources for Your Practice Transition, No Matter Your Goal

When you’re thinking about a practice transition – whether it’s looking for your first job out of dental school, selling your practice, or something in between – make sure you’ve got all the resources you need.

From learning to practice safely during a pandemic to finding ways to accelerate your career, let’s explore a few of the ADA resources that might be useful to you, no matter what career stage you’re in.

Practice Profile: Success = Long-Standing Patient Base + Thriving Small City

Thinking about buying your very own practice? Step into this one and make it your own!

Purchase this 4-operatory practice to deliver high-quality, compassionate dental care to nearly 1500 patients in Kalamazoo, Michigan. With low overhead and strong finances, this practice is the ideal place to build a successful career.

Listen: Two Podcasts, Lots of Advice

Have some time off in the new few days? Check out two recent podcasts with ADAPT’s Dr. Suzanne Ebert, VP of Dental Practice & Relationship Management.

Dr. Ebert drew on her own practice transitions and her work with other doctors to share a stocking full of advice for dentists at every career stage.

How (and Why) ADAPT and the ADA are Connected

As ADA Practice Transitions (ADAPT) has expanded nationally, we hear a couple of questions over and over:

  • How is ADAPT related to the American Dental Association?
  • How is ADAPT different from a traditional broker?

Let’s start with ADAPT’s creation story.

Practice Profile: Grow With This Education-Focused New England Practice

Looking for a part-time associateship with room to grow? Check out this New Hampshire practice that’s in the midst of a large-scale renovation that will double chair time. The expansion includes a hygiene room, two operatories, and a new surgical suite, with plans to add cone beam imaging or CAD/CAM to the existing digital radiography and dental lasers. This is your chance to help a well-established practice expand!

Transition Tale: How to Decide If It’s Time to Make a Change

Dr. Sara Makary has worked in several different settings during her career. With each change, she’s gained new skills and experiences that have helped her become a well-rounded practitioner.

But change is never easy. That’s why Dr. Sara advises other dentists to stop and really think about their next move.

Watch: How Mentorship Can Enhance Your Career - No Matter What Phase You're In


Last week’s webinar, How Mentorship Can Enhance Your Career – No Matter What Phase You’re In, sparked so many questions that I couldn’t get through them all during the session! You can now watch the on-demand video.

Practice Profile: Go Beyond Assembly-Line Dentistry at this Friendly Practice

Looking to purchase a dental practice where the patients are truly like family? The team at this long-standing, small-town practice strives to know each patient as an individual so they can deliver friendly, relationship-focused care. And it pays off: many patients who started visiting the office as children now bring their children for treatment – even their grandchildren!

What Does It Actually Cost To Sell A Dental Practice?

Unfortunately, you probably already know the answer to the question “what does it actually cost to sell a dental practice?” – it depends.

Each sale is unique, and there are a number of factors and multiple ways of handling each aspect of the sale. All of them impact the total cost. In this post, we will review some of these factors, offer a range of costs, and talk about ways to minimize or avoid those costs.

First, I want to give an example of the lowest cost, most frictionless dental practice sale I have encountered.

Practice Profile: Purchase a Small-Town Practice in a University City

Purchase this university-town practice to work with a great mix of patients of all ages! The practice balances a small-town feel with updated technology, all in one of US News and World Report’s top-ranked cities.

Transition Tale: How Mentorship Helped One Dentist Build a Thriving Career

Note: this is part one of a two-part interview with Dr. Sara Makary. Be sure to check out the second part, How to Decide If It's Time to Make a Change

When Dr. Sara Makary started her career, she followed a path taken by many of her peers: a job in corporate dentistry. “I thought this is probably a good way to get introduced to dentistry, to patients, and have a safety net of providers around me,” she said. “As a fresh graduate, we walk into uncertain territory. When you get out of school, your security blanket gets stripped off very fast.”

Practice Profile: Modern, Green Dentistry in a Picturesque New England Mill Town

Join this practice near the heart of a historic New Hampshire mill town just an hour north of Boston. They’re seeking a new associate to help maintain a tradition of excellent care, serving their community since 1951. Now treating a fourth generation of patients, many folks in their 80s and beyond have never been to another dentist, and their crowns and fillings are evidence of the team’s decades-long commitment to quality. The staff also features a lot of consistency, as some boast over twenty years with the practice.

Prepare & Prioritize: How to Negotiate with Confidence

Does the thought of negotiating keeping you up at night?

It’s perfectly normal to be nervous about negotiations. After all, the stakes can be high – especially when you really want something to work out.

At ADA Practice Transitions, we act as facilitators, not negotiators. That means that we help you prepare to negotiate and offer tips to protect your interests.

We have found that a bit of preparation can go a long way towards making the experience smoother and more successful. Even if you haven’t yet found your perfect match (and if you haven’t – create your free profile to get started!), it’s smart to start thinking about what you want achieve from your upcoming transition. If you understand what you want and what you need to move forward, you will be coming to the negotiating table with clear goals that can pave the way.

Practice Profile: Friendliest Office in Town, Devoted to Patient Relationships

This small-city family practice is known as the “friendliest office in town” – and it shows! Even with several larger clinics nearby, this practice draws patients from two counties who prefer the relational aspect of a private practice.

To this owner, dentistry is about “much more than fixing teeth” – rather, she and her long-term staff aim to have a meaningful impact on their patients’ lives. That’s why they’re committed to thorough, unhurried, personalized care.

“I’m Just Looking For A Haircut,” Or Why Culture Matters

I used to go to an old school barber shop with the striped pole, containers of blue Barbicide jammed with combs, and lots of kitschy sports memorabilia. I loved that barber shop. And I loved my barber because he could tell that I was there to get my haircut and not to fill him in on everything that had happened over the last six weeks. When I got in the barber chair, it was all business. Our conversation consisted of, “Same as always?” to which I responded, “Yep.” I loved that.

Practice Profile: Work-life Balance with a Mountain View

Nestled right at the gateway to the Mount Washington Valley, this small-town solo practice offers a wonderful work-life balance – including a mountain view right from the office.

Whether it’s extractions and immediate denture insertion, implant placement and restoration, or molar endo and crown delivery, this practice offers “one-stop shopping.” Only periodontal patients are routinely referred out.

Found a Practice? Don’t Overlook These 5 Must-Ask Questions

When you are searching for a new practice, whether as an associate or buyer, how do you decide where you can be the most successful?

What do you do when multiple options look about the same on paper?

Practice Profile: Family-Friendly Dentistry at its Finest

This quintessential family-friendly practice is ready for its new owner! The standalone building includes three operatories, an in-house lab, and digital radiography, all in one of the nation’s best college towns. The long-term staff members (some with 20 to 30 years!) are devoted to their patients, and the feeling is mutual – this is a very loyal patient base that loves the friendly, efficient team.

Practice Profile: Beautiful, Bustling Small-Group Practice with all the Tech

This beautiful small group practice is located in what Forbes has named one of “America’s Prettiest Towns,” just a stone’s throw from gorgeous Acadia National Park.

The practice boasts all the tech bells and whistles: Surgically Clean Air Filters in treatment rooms and reception area, Dry Shield kits, CBT x-ray machine, Trios scanner, EMS Airflow Master in hygiene treatment rooms (ultimate prophylaxis and periodontal disease management device), Bien Air Implant equip, Piezatom, digital x-ray units, Tech Scan, JVA, VELscope, and Diagnadent. The practice also offers TMD therapy, including injection therapy and oral appliance therapy for obstructive sleep apnea.

Listen: How Practice Ownership Can Offer Better Work-Life Balance

ADA Practice Transitions VP of Dental Practice & Relationships, Dr. Suzanne Ebert, recently appeared on the Mommy Dentists in Business podcast.

During the conversation with host Dr. Grace Yum, Dr. Ebert shared her career story: from starting dental school with toddlers and establishing her own practice to transitioning into a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). Find out how she's now using her skills to help dentists successfully navigate their own transitions through ADAPT.

Practice Profile: A Strong Legacy with Modern Tech & Treatments

Since 1948, this family-run practice has been a community fixture. Now it’s your turn to care for the long-term, loyal patients in a great small town!

Transition Tale: Finding a Second Practice with a Similar Philosophy

Drs. Bob and Heather Heil owned two successful Wisconsin practices. After a tragic fire destroyed one of their practices, they began looking for another to help meet their personal financial goals. Despite years of searching and working with brokers, they didn’t find just the right place until Dr. Bob joined ADAPT.

Practice Profile: Small-City Practice with Big-Time Opportunity

Looking to purchase an established general dentistry practice with room for growth? Check out this well-respected practice in a small city. With low overhead and strong collections, the current owner makes a comfortable living working just 30 hours per week and referring out ortho, periodontics, endodontics, and oral surgery. With four treatment rooms, that means the practice has the space and capacity to grow to your ambition!

How (and Why) to Prepare for Tough Questions When Selling or Hiring

What kind of impression does your practice make?

Whether you’re selling or hiring, your success hinges on what potential buyers or hires think about your practice. And that impression often goes beyond the initial curb appeal. (See: 5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Practice’s Curb Appeal.)

When dentists are looking to join a new practice, whether as an owner or associate, they’re wise to look beyond that first impression. In fact, a smart candidate will take the time to dig deeper to see how well the practice runs. After all, the practice could become their professional home!

Practice Profile: Step into this Established Small-Group Practice

This small-group family dentistry practice has been serving the local community since 1973, with five partners over that time. Every associate has become a full partner, and each has stayed until retirement. Now it’s your turn to join: one of the current owners is retiring and selling his portion! He’s even willing to help finance the purchase, and the two other owners are happy to act as mentors.

Now Open Nationwide: ADA Practice Transitions

It’s finally happening! 

Starting today, ADA Practice Transitions is now accepting profiles from dentists in all 50 states!

Practice Profile: Solo Practice with an Experienced, Supportive Team

This thriving dental office is seeking its new owner! The experienced, humble team of exceptionally hardworking, compassionate staff are eager to support this new owner.

The self-sustaining practice is one of just two in a small Central Wisconsin town. Located on Main Street near the town’s middle and high schools, the practice keeps flexible hours to meet patients’ needs. In addition to preventive and restorative services, the practice offers endodontics, orthodontics, and implants. And since the current owner does not work five days a week, there’s plenty of opportunity to grow with your ambition.

Watch: Finding the Practice that Fits You

A dental career offers so many potential paths. As your skills expand and interests evolve, it’s smart to periodically review your options. You might discover that you want to buy a practice, expand your services — or reduce your own hours. A family health issue, your partner’s career, or another factor might also prompt you to consider a change.

How can you think through what is right for you?

Watch: Bringing Together Two Dentists for Mentorship and Growth


Dr. Gagnon needed another dentist in her practice after her father retired. Dr. Sikora wanted her first associateship out of dental school to include plenty of hands-on mentorship – in a state where she had no connections.

Practice Profile: Low Overhead, High Growth Potential

Be the only dentist in a family-friendly, fast-growing town with good schools! This beautiful Wisconsin area boasts plentiful nearby entertainment and outdoor leisure, including a network of hiking trails and lots of local fishing and hunting.

Webinar Replay: Find Career Success with ADA Practice Transitions

ADA Practice Transitions goes beyond practice transactions to focus on the whole transition. Rather than being just another listing service, we focus on connecting dentists who share a similar practice approach – which leads to more successful transitions and careers.

This week’s webinar explored exactly how (and why) we do things this way. Watch the replay, with ADAPT President & CEO Bill Robinson and VP of Dental Practice and Relationships, Dr. Suzanne Ebert, to learn:

  • How ADAPT is designed to help you find a match and success long after the contracts are signed
  • 10 ways that ADAPT is different from traditional practice transition options
  • How to showcase your skills or practice to find the right match for you

3 Ways ADAPT is Making Practice Transitions Less Expensive

While doing the research that led to the development of ADA Practice Transitions, we found a common theme: Dentists who had sold their practice frequently shared that they spent too much money with a broker – and felt they did not receive commensurate value.

We developed ADA Practice Transitions to focus on philosophy of care – matching dentists with a similar approach, for a more successful result – but we also wanted to give dentists a more cost-effective option. We designed our service to deliver tremendous value in a manner that was less expensive than the other options, sometimes by a lot.

Practice Profile: Practice Where Everyone Wants to Vacation

This five operatory, 1600 square foot office suite is located in a beautiful brick-clad, hospital-built, professional building. The updated practice includes Digital Pan and Softdent, with low overhead and a healthy base of established patients. The current owner does not work every day, so there’s plenty of room to grow.

Matched: Finding the Perfect Associateship in a New State

Dr. Jessica Sikora had never been to Maine until 2016 when she visited and interviewed at the University of New England College of Dental Medicine.

“I immediately fell in love with the area,” said the Honesdale, Pennsylvania, native.

She’d also fallen in love, after four years of dental school, with the idea of practicing in her new state. 

Coming Soon to You: ADA Practice Transitions

ADA Practice Transitions is coming to dentists throughout the U.S.!

After a successful eight-state pilot, we are excited to announce that we will be expanding nationally. That means that no matter where you want to practice, ADAPT can help you find the perfect fit.

What Went Wrong: My Transition Fell Through After Months of Planning

Sometimes even the best-intentioned transitions fall apart. All too often, this happens because both parties overlooked the basics: clear communication and putting everything in writing. A few key actions can minimize the back and forth while keeping your transition on schedule.

Read on for one scenario in which a buyer and seller just couldn’t make it work, then learn how you can avoid similar problems.

Taking the Legal Pain Out of Buying and Selling a Dental Practice

Buying and selling dental practices means paperwork, including letters of intent, contracts, valuations, and a whole ream of other documents. Navigating all the details takes a close eye to detail – and an attorney who can help make sure you don’t overlook anything critical.

Last week’s ADA Practice Transitions Coffee Talk webinar delved into the legal aspects of practice transitions.

Practice Profile: Busy State-Capital Solo Practice with Room to Grow

This state-capital solo practice has been serving patients for over 30 years and has earned a reputation for putting patient relationships first. The team works together to put patients at ease in a relaxed atmosphere, then provide all the information needed to make educated treatment decisions.

How One Dentist Built His Ideal Practice – and Life – In a Small Town

42 years ago, Dr. Dean Hussong graduated from dental school and set out to build his own practice from scratch. After visiting 28 different towns, he and his wife, Ann, settled in Tomahawk (population 3,160) in northern Wisconsin. While Ann was initially skeptical of following her high school sweetheart to such a small town, it turned out to be the best possible move for both of them and an ideal place to raise three children.

Practice Profile: Busy Practice, Vibrant Town, Balanced Life

Want a place where you can be busy and productive from day one? This small-town practice is busy, busy, busy! Demand currently far exceeds supply, with an eight-week wait for hygiene (though the current owner doesn’t work every day). And with no competition, the practice has never had to advertise.

Practice Profile: The Latest Tech with a Low-Cost Lifestyle

Walk into this practice and you’ll be set!

All four operatories are updated with the latest technology, including CBCT, digital radiographs, paperless charts, CO2 laser, digital scanners, electric handpieces, and intraoral cameras – all in a free-standing dental office building near a residential area.

Meet Your ADA Advisors: Guiding You Through the Practice Transitions Process

After submitting your ADA Practice Transitions profile, you are assigned to an ADA Advisor who guides you through the transition process. The Advisor takes time to understand your goals and preferences, then matches you with dentists or practices that fit your criteria. Your Advisor also provides a stream of resources at every stage of the process.

5 Questions to Ask Your Partner Before Relocating

Have you found the practice of your dreams? Could it be the practice of your partner’s dreams too?

If it is in a new town or state, what would it take for you and your family to make the move?

How to Manage & Retain Staff During a Practice Transition

We hear lots of questions about managing staff during practice transitions, so we made it the focus of last week’s ADA Practice Transitions Coffee Talk webinar.

Dr. Betsy Shapiro, ADA Director of Practice Management and the ADA Center for Professional Success, joined ADAPT’s Dr. Suzanne Ebert, Vice President of Dental Practice & Relationship Management, for this hour-long conversation. The two shared their experiences with managing staff through their own practice transitions, as well as lessons learned from working with other dentists.

Practice Profile: Long-Standing Practice in Beautiful Southwest Michigan

Discover what memorable experiences await you in the beautiful corner of the world known as southwest Michigan.

And look no further for a great professional opportunity in this general dentistry practice for sale.

Are You New Around Here? Why ADAPT Does Things Differently

ADA Practice Transitions (ADAPT) has been in pilot stage for several months now, but there are still many dentists who may not know what we do – and why we do it. ADAPT offers a new way of hiring an associate, finding a job, buying a practice, or selling.

Some wonder why such a service is necessary. And why now?

Before You Buy: The Financial Side of a Practice Transition

Last week's ADA Practice Transitions Coffee Talk webinar featured advice on preparing your finances for a practice purchase.

Rob Westhoven, VP and Director of Dental Banking for Androscoggin Bank, explained how banks approach practice sales, including several possible options. He also answered several great questions from attendees about how COVID-19 may change the equation. 

Selling Due to COVID? Ask Yourself These 3 Questions

I have talked to many dentists over the last several weeks and noticed that recent conversations have taken on a new tone as we all navigate the COVID-19 situation.

Selling Your Practice in the COVID-19 Era: Advice from Accounting Experts

Last week we kicked off new topics for the ADA Practice Transitions Coffee Talk webinar series with some fantastic advice from a pair of dental CPAs. Chris VanStraten and Andy McCarty of Baker Tilly, founding member of ADCPA, walked us through some of the ways that COVID-19 is changing dental practice sales.

During the webinar, Chris and Andy explored:

Different Approach, Better Results: How ADAPT Matched 2 Maine Dentists

Kristen started her practice search on job boards.

Joe was exploring a sale with a practice management company.

In both cases, they could not get what they needed – until they turned to ADA Practice Transitions.

Big Decisions Demand Family Input: Your Guide to Starting the Conversation

Now is a great time to have some important conversations with your family about how your career affects your collective future. Most of you have never been allowed this kind of focused time to evaluate your true priorities as a family.  

Transition Tale: How an Unexpected Ultimatum Led One Dentist to Fulfillment

Emily Ishkanian, former chair of the ADA New Dentist Committee, joined a practice that turned out to be the wrong fit for her long-term goals. She shared her experience with ADA Practice Transitions. Read on for her story and 5 lessons for other dentists.

What to Do When Your Practice Is Closed

As a profession, we dentists have been challenged in many ways, at so many times, and we have responded with thoughtfulness, compassion, and caring. I am proud to be a part of a group of people who are willing to sacrifice so much just to care for our patients and communities. Let’s remember that we are a small group of highly trained individuals whose services will always be needed – we will bounce back from this.

So how can we navigate these times when practices are closed? After all, even the most introverted of dentists is used to interacting with people each day. I have a few ideas to help you stay positive through the coming weeks.

A Message from ADA Practice Transitions

We want to reach out to let you know that we at ADA Practice Transitions are here to support you in any way possible during this crisis.

5 Tips to Find the Right Dental Associateship for You

Whether you are looking for your first dental job or ready to move on, associateships are on your mind. But what type of practice is just right for you? What should you look for? What should you watch out for?

This Week Only: Sign Up for a Free 3-Month Trial of ADA Practice Transitions

ADA Practice Transitions will find you the right practice or dentist to help you take the next step in your dental career.

Build Your Dental Dream Home

Through ADA Practice Transitions, I work with many dentists who are looking to buy a dental practice. While it is tempting to search for the “perfect practice,” I ask dentists to keep an open mind and find a practice with a great foundation – one that you can transform into your very own dental dream home.

Just like with homeownership, you have two basic choices when it comes to dental practice ownership. You can build it new, or you can buy an existing practice. The reality is that it is often financially advantageous to find a practice – a fixer-upper, if you will – that you can adapt to fit your vision.

What Went Wrong: The Practice Wasn’t Ready for an Associate

Dental practices can grow slowly over several years – then suddenly reach a tipping point where an owner feels they need to hire an associate ASAP. But it is important to prepare the practice before hiring anyone.

Transition Tales: 5 Lessons on the Cross-Country Journey to a Unicorn Practice

This is part of the Transition Tales & Truths series in which we discuss practice transitions with real dentists.

Patience is a virtue when trying to find the ideal practice. However, it is important that you use the waiting time to prepare for your next steps.

That was Dr. Jim’s message to his dental colleagues when he got in touch with ADA Practice Transitions to share his story.

Dr. Jim and his wife, Pam (names changed at their request), worked together as a team to navigate the practice transitions process. Over six years and a variety of experiences, they refined their idea of the “perfect practice” and wanted to share their lessons with other young dentists ready to forge a path.

What Went Wrong: My Path to Retirement Got Way Too Bumpy

This is part of the “What Went Wrong Wednesdays” series, in which we explore common problems of practice transitions – and offer tips to help you avoid them.


Retirement should be a well thought-out event that you take ownership of. To truly take control of your future, retirement planning should start years – even decades – before you anticipate finishing your career.

Here are two scenarios that illustrate what happened when a doctor did not completely think through their exit plans, along with suggestions to help you avoid the same fate.

Practice Profile: Fun Urban Practice, Small-Town Feel

Looking for a practice in a prime urban location with a small-town feel?

Should You Take the Money? The True Cost of a Signing Bonus

If you ask a dentist about “corporate dentistry,” you may get a strong reaction. Opinions range from “corporate dentistry is destroying the profession” to “corporate dentistry is ideal – it allows a dentist to focus on dentistry rather than running a business,” with many flavors in between.

In particular, I have heard a number of established dentists lament how many new graduates choose the corporate dentistry route for their first job. Whenever I encounter someone who is disappointed with a new graduate’s choice outside of independent dentistry, I often have the following conversation:

Resolve to Start a Successful Practice Transition in 2020

Happy New Year! Many people look at the new year (or new decade) as a time to make changes. If the fresh calendar has you thinking about your own dental practice transition, review my lessons learned in 2019 and then read on for tips to make 2020 your year.

Practice Profile: Close-Knit Community, Fully Updated Office

Interested in a startup that comes with a ready-made patient base?

Walk into a fully digital, 6 op, updated practice in a large, well-maintained building with room to grow. The nearest dentist is 25 miles away, so when the current owner had to stop practicing due to health concerns, local residents were left clamoring for a dentist.

Practice Profile: High Integrity, Low Cost of Living

Join this practice as an associate dentist. The owner dentist is committed to the long-term patients and communities the practice serves. This owner understands that there is more to being happy and productive at work than an excellent salary so, along with a comprehensive benefit package that includes a CE allowance, paid vacation and bonus systems, he recognizes significant milestones in the team’s lives with gifts and staff appreciation parties.

My Top 5 Predictors of Practice Transition Success

This year, ADA Practice Transitions (ADAPT) went live – and I have had the privilege of working with dentists in the midst of career transitions of all types. From dental students to dentists wrapping up 40-year careers, I am thoroughly enjoying working with each and every one!

As we look ahead to 2020, I wanted to share five of my thoughts on the biggest predictors of a successful transition.

Transition Tales: Building a Career that Balances Business with Dentistry

This is part of the Transition Tales & Truths series in which we discuss practice transitions with real dentists.

Today’s Transition Tale comes from our friend and 2020 New Dentist Committee Vice Chair Dr. Daniel Hall. He wants to share his learnings with other dentists so hopefully they can find the right fit, the first time.

Dr. Hall got in touch with ADA Practice Transitions because he believes that ADAPT, a service created by the ADA, could have helped alleviate many of the obstacles he found during his journey to practice ownership.

Practice Profile: Loyal Patient Base with a Fast Payback

This small-town practice prides itself on providing the gentlest of care at a reasonable price – but the collections very comfortably support a dentist and family.

Practice Profile: A Nature-Lover's Setting

How would you like to see wildlife right outside your operatory picture window – even the occasional bear? If you love nature AND dentistry, this practice might be perfect for you.

Talk Less, Listen More: 10 Tips for a Better Interview

Whether you are hiring someone or looking to be hired, an interview is the traditional way to assess whether or not a person or situation is a good fit. At ADA Practice Transitions, the interview is typically the first time that two dentists get to discuss their goals and weigh how strong a potential match may be.

Anything with high stakes – such as a practice transition – merits some preparation. Don’t go into an interview cold. Instead, keep these tips in mind when preparing for and managing an interview.

What Went Wrong: I Overlooked the #1 Thing That Mattered Most

This is part of the “What Went Wrong Wednesdays” series, in which we explore common problems of practice transitions – and offer tips to help you avoid them.

At ADA Practice Transitions, we place a heavy emphasis on making sure incoming doctors share a similar philosophy of care as the practice owner. While it may not be immediately apparent, having a shared approach is critical to the success of your future career or retirement plan, even if you are planning to sell and walk away.

ADA Practice Transitions: Now Matching in 6 More States

Today’s the day! ADA Practice Transitions (ADAPT) is now matching dentists in six additional states.

Matching in More States, Giving You More Options



By popular demand, ADA Practice Transitions (ADAPT) is expanding!

Starting today, dentists who either own a practice or want to work in Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota and New Hampshire can create an ADAPT profile!

Transition Tales: Finding a Fit in a Small-Town Dental Practice

This is part of the Transition Tales & Truths series in which we discuss practice transitions with real dentists.

When Dr. Christy Rens and her husband (a fellow dentist) graduated from the University of Minnesota Dental School, they weren’t quite sure where their future would take them. They assumed they would eventually wind up near family in the Twin Cities.

Life doesn’t always turn out as planned. One day, Dr. Christy got a call with an offer that she and her husband couldn’t refuse, so they packed their bags to try small-town life. The two-year contract even included free housing if they were willing to serve two rural practices.

Consider Going Country: Why a Rural Practice May Be a Perfect Fit

Many young dentists automatically flock to urban or suburban areas after graduation. After all, those areas can command higher salaries. But have you considered working in a more rural area?

A rural practice can offer several advantages beyond fresh air and open spaces. Namely, rural practices often cost less with lower overhead and higher collections – meaning you might be able to pay off your debts sooner and enjoy a better quality of life.

What Went Wrong: We Disagreed on the Value of the Practice

This is part of the “What Went Wrong Wednesdays” series, in which we explore common problems of practice transitions – and offer tips to help you avoid them.

Get Your Paperwork in Order for Your Practice Valuation

Do not forget the primary rule: your practice is worth whatever someone will pay for it.

What Dentists Want: Annual Meeting Edition

I am thrilled to be able to touch base with you about our recent trip to ADA Annual Meeting in San Francisco!

Why ADA Practice Transitions Isn’t Just Another Broker

In April, the American Dental Association launched a pilot for a new service: ADA Practice Transitions. Our goal is to make the process of joining, expanding, or leaving a dental practice more predictable and successful. The pilot is currently available in Wisconsin and Maine for all dentists looking for opportunities in those states.

Some have said that the ADA is just replicating the current broker market. While there is some natural overlap, ADA Practice Transitions takes a completely new approach that’s designed to address a major need: finding the right person or practice for a successful transition.

Transition Tales: Why Practice Transitions Should Be a Family Affair

This is part of the Transition Tales & Truths series in which we discuss practice transitions with real dentists currently in the process.

We recently met Dr. Joe, a recent graduate working in a DSO with dreams of buying his own dental practice. Dr. Joe joined ADA Practice Transitions to pursue his goals and is working with his ADA Advisor to narrow down the best path forward.

The “life” in “work-life” balance is very important to Dr. Joe and his family. The desire to build a good life for his family guides every step of his journey.

Transition Tales: Navigating a Path to Ownership

This is part of the Transition Tales & Truths series in which we discuss practice transitions with real dentists currently in the process.

Meet Dr. Joe. He’s a year out of dental school, working in a DSO in a new-to-him city. He grew up on a farm and watched his parents run their own business – and has always wanted to do likewise.

Dr. Joe’s first year of practice has given him real-world experience by letting him focus on dentistry. Working in a DSO has exposed him to a variety of staff characteristics and helped him crystallize what his ideal team might look like.

What Went Wrong Wednesdays: My Restrictive Covenant Was Too Restrictive

Welcome to “What Went Wrong Wednesdays,” a series in which we explore common problems of practice transitions – and offer tips to help you avoid them.

Many dental contracts include some version of a restrictive covenant, also called a non-compete clause. These clauses prohibit an employee from practicing within a specific geographical area (typically a defined radius) for a certain period of time after leaving a practice. These covenants generally also have a non-solicitation clause that will bar an associate from directly soliciting the employer’s patients or other employees.

This clause helps protect an owner dentist from competition – but it can also limit an associate’s career movement.

Come Talk Transitions at the ADA Annual Meeting

ADA FDI 2019 is a great place to think about your career path. You can earn CE credits, hear best practices, and network with fellow dentists. Our ADA Practice Transitions team will be on site and ready to share the knowledge and resources you need for future success.

We recommend stopping by these sessions to talk transitions with us!

Shhhhh, I’m Selling My Dental Practice

There is a widely-held belief in the dental industry that confidentiality is essential when a dentist decides to sell their practice. This idea is heavily promoted by dental brokers and has been embraced by many dentists. In fact, some dentists report that they had little to no contact with the buyer of their practice until they closed the transaction.

What Went Wrong Wednesdays: 3 Contract Issues that Got Expensive

Welcome to “What Went Wrong Wednesdays,” a series in which we explore common problems of practice transitions – and offer tips to help you avoid them.

5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Practice’s Curb Appeal

A practice needs a certain curb appeal to attract buyers – just like selling residential real estate. However, a practice’s curb appeal extends beyond its physical appearance. Buyers want a well-run practice that makes a consistent profit.

4 Options for Expanding Your Practice

Your practice is growing. Maybe you want to work fewer hours or maybe you are thinking about retirement.

Don’t Settle: Identify the Ideal Practice for You

There’s no such thing as a typical dental practice. They can range from homey rural offices to busy urban spaces, with everything in between.

6 Ways to Get Staff Buy-in for Your Practice Transition

Your staff can make or break your practice transition. Change can be scary. Your long-time staff may be apprehensive about the future of the practice – after all, the practice provides their livelihoods, too. However, you can take steps to reassure staff and gain their buy-in. When staff is on board, they can be your biggest advocates and streamline the transition.

You Decide: Choose the Best Option for Your Career

Looking for your next dental job? Whether you have recently graduated from dental school or have a few years of experience, you have plenty of options.

Your Information, Your Timing: How We Keep Things Confidential

We understand how important confidentiality can be as you go through a career transition. If you are a practice owner, you may not be ready to share this information with the rest of the dental community quite yet. Keep in mind that the transition can be smoother if time is taken to prepare and involve your staff before the sale. If you are looking to purchase or change positions, you may not be ready to inform your current employer of your plans. We understand these scenarios and will keep everything fully confidential until YOU decide it is time.

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