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Bree Simmers

Bree Simmers
Bree came to ADAPT from the ADA where she managed digital and experiential marketing. Previously, she led marketing and communications for a community foundation in the Greater Boston area and has experience working with both startups and established institutions. Her innovative mindset helps to find new ways to provide the best experience for dentists as they take the next step in their careers. She joined ADAPT to help break down barriers to ensure everyone has access to quality dental care.

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The Most Popular Practice Transitions Advice from 2021

Posted by Bree Simmers on 12/20/21 8:15 AM

When ADAPT launched nationally in late 2020, we were optimistic about 2021. And while it has been a challenging year on so many levels, we have loved helping so many dentists set goals — and reach them. In fact, we’re now working with over 5,500 dentists, with practices in all 50 states. 

And just this month, ADAPT was recognized with a Chicago Innovation Award as one of the most innovative companies coming out of Chicago!

We often hear that our resources (such as this blog and the Student Resource Center) are helpful along the journey. If you’re thinking about pursuing your own transition in 2022, start by downloading our roadmaps:

The Complete Guide to Buying a Practice

The Complete Guide to Selling a Practice

Then take a look at some of our most-viewed posts. (And subscribe to the blog to make sure you don’t miss the next one!)

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ADAPT Named Among Top 100 Most Innovative in Chicago Innovation Awards

Posted by Bree Simmers on 10/18/21 8:45 AM

Here at ADA Practice Transitions, we’re thrilled to be named as one of the Top 100 Finalists for the 20th annual Chicago Innovation Awards! The Top 100 Finalists cut across all industries, large corporations and startups, for-profits and non-profits, high tech, low tech, and no tech. They reflect the breadth of innovation in the Chicago region. The judges will be selecting the final 20 winners in the next few weeks — and we need your help! Vote for ADAPT in the People’s Choice Awards.

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Transition Tale: Where Quality of Care Matters Most

Posted by Bree Simmers on 9/27/21 7:30 AM

As Dr. Ancy Verdier finished up his periodontics residency at Tufts University, he — like many younger dentists — looked for associateships in the big city. He wanted to be near family in his hometown of Scarsdale, NY but assumed he had to be in Manhattan to practice the kind of dentistry he loved. 

Dr. Verdier was soon working at group practices in Manhattan and the Hamptons, building a great reputation and treating celebrity clients. He even built his own practice from scratch in the Hamptons while still working in other practices and teaching.

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Listen: How Dental Students Can Take Ownership of Their Careers

Posted by Bree Simmers on 9/1/21 12:10 PM

Our Dr. Suzanne Ebert, VP of Dental Practice & Relationship Management, recently spoke with Yolanda Marrero of the South Florida District Dental Association’s Ain’t That the Tooth podcast. Listen in as they discuss:

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Watch: How Going Independent Can Help Dentists, Patients

Posted by Bree Simmers on 8/19/21 8:45 AM

Dr. Suzanne Ebert, ADAPT's VP of Dental Practice & Relationship Management, recently appeared on BNN-TV to discuss how independent dentistry is faring in a changing market. Watch as she discusses:

  • The differences between corporate and independent dentistry
  • How growing student loan debt is affecting dentists’ career decisions
  • How COVID-19 accelerated some retirements while nudging some furloughed dentists towards ownership
  • Why dentistry is a great profession for women
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Webinar Replay: How to Get Started with the Mentorship-to-Ownership Transition Path

Posted by Bree Simmers on 6/1/21 11:46 AM


83% of graduating dental students report that they want to own a private practice within ten years of graduation, according to American Student Dental Association data.

COVID-19 didn't really change these numbers. But COVID did decrease the amount of hands-on clinical time available to these graduating students.

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Listen: What Nobody Told Me About Practice Transitions

Posted by Bree Simmers on 4/15/21 9:15 AM

What do you wish you knew before starting a practice transition?

Our Dr. Suzanne Ebert recently joined an episode of the Nobody Told Me That podcast with host Teresa Duncan. Together, they discussed how COVID has changed the dental practice landscape, shared tips on preparing for the unexpected – and told stories about some of the stranger situations they have encountered!

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ADAPT's Top 10 Posts from 2020

Posted by Bree Simmers on 1/11/21 11:12 AM

Maybe 2020 didn't go exactly as planned, but now that we're in 2021, we want to catch you up on some of the best practice transition tips we provided in the past year. Here are our most popular blog posts from 2020.

And if you're ready to take the next step in your career, start your ADAPT profile today.

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Practice Profile: Be the Only Dentist in Town — at Half the Appraised Value

Posted by Bree Simmers on 12/30/20 8:30 AM

Buy this small-town practice for half the appraised price and be the only dentist in town! The owner was forced to retire for health reasons, leaving patients to drive 25+ miles to the nearest dentist. The local bank is eager to work with a potential buyer to help bring a dentist back to town – so this could be your perfect opportunity to own a practice with an instant patient base.

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More Resources for Your Practice Transition, No Matter Your Goal

Posted by Bree Simmers on 12/28/20 8:45 AM

When you’re thinking about a practice transition – whether it’s looking for your first job out of dental school, selling your practice, or something in between – make sure you’ve got all the resources you need.

From learning to practice safely during a pandemic to finding ways to accelerate your career, let’s explore a few of the ADA resources that might be useful to you, no matter what career stage you’re in.

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