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Listen: Two Podcasts, Lots of Advice

Posted by Bree Simmers on 12/22/20 8:45 AM
Bree Simmers

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Have some time off in the new few days? Check out two recent podcasts with ADAPT’s Dr. Suzanne Ebert, VP of Dental Practice & Relationship Management.

Dr. Ebert drew on her own practice transitions and her work with other doctors to share a stocking full of advice for dentists at every career stage.

Dentistry Uncensored

Dr. Ebert joined host Dr. Howard Farran for a recent episode of the Dental Town podcast, Dentistry Uncensored. The wide-ranging conversation covered tons of topics, including:

  • How ADA Practice Transitions makes matches
  • Why women should consider buying their own practice for better work-life balance
  • Why owner dentists who are hiring or selling need to look for candidates with complementary skillsets if they want to maintain (or even increase) production
  • Alternative paths that new graduates should explore during this ongoing pandemic (such as exploring Federally Qualified Health Centers, as Dr. Sara Makary recently explained)
  • The many benefits of small-town dentistry, especially in turbulent times
  • How dentists balanced COVID-related closures with trying to minimize dental-related emergency room visits (Dr. Farran noted that 8.5% of ER visits in Arizona are of dental origin!)
  • The #1 thing that new dentists want in a practice

Watch or listen to the episode now!


Beyond the Mouth

Dr. Ebert also joined Dr. Betsy Shapiro, Director of the ADA Center for Professional Success for the popular Beyond the Mouth podcast.

There, Dr. Ebert shared her own practice transition story, including how she balanced dental school while her two daughters were toddlers. The two also discussed:

  • Why (and how) buyers and sellers should remain focused on the big picture while navigating their practice transitions, rather than getting lost in the details
  • How to set your priorities so you switch practices for the right reasons
  • Why dental students don't have to hate their first jobs
  • How practice ownership can help women better balance motherhood and career

Check out these two podcasts for stories and advice on starting, expanding, or re-balancing your dental career.

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