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Listen: What Nobody Told Me About Practice Transitions

Posted by Bree Simmers on 4/15/21 9:15 AM
Bree Simmers


What do you wish you knew before starting a practice transition?

Our Dr. Suzanne Ebert recently joined an episode of the Nobody Told Me That podcast with host Teresa Duncan. Together, they discussed how COVID has changed the dental practice landscape, shared tips on preparing for the unexpected – and told stories about some of the stranger situations they have encountered!

Listen to the episode to hear a great discussion on a variety of topics, and check out some of our related resources:

How you can help address access-to-care issues by serving smaller markets

Why small-market practices are recovering faster than urban practices (ADA Health Policy Institute data)

Why anyone thinking they might want to buy a practice should talk to a lender ASAP (Webinar: Selling Your Practice in the COVID-19 Era: Advice from Accounting Experts)

How to get your paperwork in order

How dentists who are “done” with clinical dentistry can mentor a younger doctor while selling their practice

How a letter of intent can help or hurt a transition (tips on drafting a good letter of intent that keeps things on track)

How to prepare staff for a transition – and incentivize them to help retain patients

How to bring on an associate the RIGHT way (and make sure you have space and production!)

When building a multi-practice empire might not be the best choice for you

How to educate yourself before finding the right person or practice so you can recognize a good thing

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