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Practice Profile: Ready to Prosper with Your Leadership

Posted by Betsy Krekling, ADA Advisor on 6/25/21 7:45 AM

Great staff? Check. All the technology? Check. Updated for COVID? Check. Well-established? Check.

This fully functional, paperless practice has everything. It just needs YOU as its new leader!

For more than 50 years, this practice has served the community and built a loyal patient pool. Now the current owner must retire due to health issues, presenting a prime opportunity for you to step right in!

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Humans, AI, and Networks: How ADAPT Makes Connections

Posted by Bill Robinson, ADAPT President & CEO on 6/22/21 8:13 AM

In April, we at ADA Practice Transitions celebrated our second anniversary. Our beginnings were modest, launching in just two states, Maine and Wisconsin. Within that first year, we expanded to six additional states. And now, by the end of our second year, we have expanded our service to all 50 states, with customers in every single one of them.

It is a human tendency to use an anniversary as a time of reflection. At ADAPT, our goal has always been to provide a better way of managing transitions for all of dentistry.

We started off with extensive research, where we often heard dentists complain how difficult it is to find a good match. No one had the scope to cast a wide net in matching sellers with buyers or owners with employees. We thought, “The ADA can do that,” and began designing the service to address those complaints.

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Practice Profile: Grow in this Associateship with Hands-On Mentorship

Posted by Betsy Krekling, ADA Advisor on 6/18/21 8:15 AM

Looking for an associateship in a well-established practice where you’ll be busy from day one? Then this 7-operatory practice needs YOU! New grads and recent residents are welcome, as the team is willing to mentor the right person.

For 40 years, this cosmetic and general dentistry practice has fostered warm, sincere relationships that have translated into loyal patients. The two owners have built an amazing team, some of whom have 25+ years of service. Everyone works well together: two doctors, five assistants, four hygienists, and five front office staff. The senior dentist is approaching retirement, while his partner will remain for the long term.

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Practice Profile: Build this Small Solo Practice into Your Dream

Posted by Betsy Krekling, ADA Advisor on 6/11/21 8:30 AM

This well-established solo practice is small but mighty! It could be the ideal place to launch your career – or to slow down.

Founded in 2000, the seller has built a loyal base of patients with just two operatories. However, a third operatory is already plumbed and ready to establish as a hygiene room – and there’s enough space to add a fourth operatory when you’re ready.

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OK Boomer! What D’ya Want Millennial?

Posted by Bill Robinson, ADAPT President & CEO on 6/8/21 7:30 AM

It is astonishing how many articles, essays, and opinion pieces there are about generational differences between baby boomers and millennials. Not to mention the YouTube videos, memes, and TikToks poking fun and parodying one side or the other. My favorite is here (and I’m a boomer!).

The last thing I want to do is write yet another blog post pontificating on how the generations misunderstand one another. Instead, I want to focus on what both groups share – especially when talking about dentists working together in an office as owner and associate or transitioning a practice from one dentist to another.

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Practice Profile: Be Productive from Day One – With Mentorship to Grow the Practice

Posted by Betsy Krekling, ADA Advisor on 6/4/21 9:15 AM

Ready for a profitable, well-located practice with room to grow – and the mentorship to make it happen?

Check out this solo, 6-operatory practice that currently treats 6,000+ patients. The seller works four days a week, but an average hygiene wait of eight weeks indicates demand to expand the schedule. And with cone beam imaging, paperless records, caries detection devices, digital radiography, and intraoral cameras, you’ll have all the equipment you need to deliver top-quality care.

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Webinar Replay: How to Get Started with the Mentorship-to-Ownership Transition Path

Posted by Bree Simmers on 6/1/21 11:46 AM

86% of graduating dental students report that they want to own a private practice within ten years of graduation. And 51% hope to do so in just five years, according to ADA data.

COVID-19 didn't really change these numbers. But COVID did decrease the amount of hands-on clinical time available to these graduating students.

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Practice Profile: Expandable 3-op Practice with a Low-cost, High-quality Lifestyle

Posted by Betsy Krekling, ADA Advisor on 5/28/21 9:00 AM

This 3-operatory family practice is perfectly located in an area that balances great quality of life with a low cost of living! The fee-for-service model provides a very comfortable lifestyle with the satisfaction of a hands-on general practice.

The seller has set a very reasonable price, so you can afford to buy this practice while building your ideal work-life balance. The area’s shortage of dental providers creates demand to expand – and the space to do so!

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Practice Profile: Well-oiled Practice, Eager for a Successful Transition

Posted by Betsy Krekling, ADA Advisor on 5/21/21 9:15 AM

Purchase this five-operatory practice that runs like a well-oiled machine – backed by a staff and seller eager to help you succeed!

This practice is built with an emphasis on management, systems, exceptional service, and moderate fees. The result is excellent production and collection, with 40% net profit. Better yet, the well-organized, low-stress practice provides plenty of satisfaction for patients, staff, and doctor.

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Practice Profile: Minimally-Invasive Practice Where Less is More

Posted by Betsy Krekling, ADA Advisor on 5/14/21 9:00 AM

If you take a very conservative approach to your dentistry, this solo practice might be perfect!

This 8-operatory practice follows the Minimally Invasive Dentistry philosophy that respects the health, function, and aesthetics of oral tissue by preventing disease from occurring or intercepting its progress with minimal tissue loss. Using techniques such as Air Abrasion, this practice sets a high standard of care where “less is more.”

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