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Practice Profile: Choose Your Preferred Path to Ownership in this Profitable, Efficient Fee-for-Service Practice

Posted by Betsy Krekling, ADA Advisor on 10/29/21 7:15 AM
Betsy Krekling, ADA Advisor


Hit the ground running with this profitable fee-for-service practice! Choose your preferred route to ownership: Buy outright? Absolutely. Owner financed? Sure. Associate leading to partner? Yes. Reverse associate, where the seller works for you for up to 10 years? A great option! The seller is flexible on pricing, timing, and skill level and willing to mentor the right buyer to succeed. (He’s also happy to step away, if the buyer prefers.)

With 1,500 active patients, the practice is gaining an average of 25 new patients a month. The mix is about 60% private insurance and 40% cash. Nearly all aspects of general dentistry are done in-house, including implants and Invisalign. Only the really difficult specialty work is referred out. The efficient, ergonomic facility has five fully-equipped operatories, an air abrasion unit, three digital x-rays, and a panelipse.

Here's what’s unique: this is one of the few offices in all of New York State to have two Licensed Certified Dental Assistants (LCDAs). That means the dentist injects and preps, then the LCDAs can legally place fillings, plus a host of other expanded duties. In this non water-fluoridated area, where the 1950s paradigm of “drill, fill, and bill” is very much alive, the LCDAs are a blessing to production. The loyal and stable staff of six has been with the practice from 12 to 20+ years (except one, hired almost three years ago). The hygienist generated more than $200k in production in 2019.

For 30+ years, this practice has been single-owner operated, and the seller is willing to stay on to help ensure a smooth transition for you and your new patients. The seller also owns the building and can work out a very reasonable lease or sale. (And if you want to buy, the second-floor rental unit will help pay down your note!) The practice is ideally located on Main Street, right next to City Hall.

Enjoy great work-life balance, as the practice is currently open 4 days a week with no evening hours or weekends. And what better place to enjoy life than in the Finger Lakes of New York’s Southern Tier region? The cost of living can’t be beat. Imagine owning a home with a backyard as large as Central Park, for the same price as an apartment in the city or a modest house in the suburbs. Breathe the fresh air as you stargaze at night.

Plus, it’s just an hour to Rochester’s international airport, two hours to Buffalo, four hours to Pittsburgh, Cleveland, or Toronto, and five to New York City. The local economy is strong with manufacturing, plus a growing array of wineries and craft breweries.

When you buy this practice, you’ll be busy from day one while balancing quality of life with quality of practice. Find out how to take over this productive, profitable practice and make it your own. Create your free ADA Practice Transitions profile today to get started.

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