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Practice Profile: Fully Equipped Practice in an Underserved, Supportive Community

Posted by Betsy Krekling, ADA Advisor on 2/19/21 8:45 AM
Betsy Krekling, ADA Advisor


Looking to run your own solo practice while serving a community that needs a dentist?

If you are mission-driven, this is your chance to step into a fully equipped practice with an eager patient base at minimal cost.

Take over this small-town South Dakota practice where the nearest dentist is 60 miles away. The community recently bought the dental equipment from a previous owner and is eager to find a new dentist to treat residents, including the local Native American population. Since the practice shares a building with the town’s health clinic, the town hopes to find a dentist who will commit to being a true health care giver to everyone, including children.

The practice was founded in 1976 and earned its reputation for knowledgeable, reliable, kind staff. Patients are genuinely appreciative of having a dentist in town and are willing to follow suggestions. The team keeps the practice running smoothly, and some have more than 40 years of experience!

The practice is ideally suited for an experienced dentist who is comfortable being the “lone ranger” and wants to practice a wide range of dentistry, serving children and a large Medicaid population. A great oral surgeon and endodontist are 60 miles away, but it’s 134 miles to the nearest pedodontist. There’s also demand for orthodontics.

South Dakota has no state income tax and a low cost of living, with reasonable Medicaid reimbursement that is very good compared to most other places. Plus, the practice maintains low overhead. The family-friendly prairie town offers plenty of hunting, fishing, boating, and golfing. And its location at the crossroads of two highways provides access to larger cities.

If you have ever considered doing meaningful, rewarding dentistry for an underserved population, consider buying this practice. As a retired owner says, “This is a mission field and you don’t have to cross the ocean to get there. And there is NOTHING like being appreciated.”

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