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Transition Tale: A 'More Scientific' Way to Find the Right Person

Posted by Betsy Krekling, ADA Advisor on 9/13/21 8:45 AM
Betsy Krekling, ADA Advisor


Dr. Charles Schmidt’s practice was booked out for weeks. Just as several local dentists were retiring, the Lancaster, New Hampshire area was growing. Both Dr. Schmidt and his associate were busy and getting busier!

Dr. Schmidt needed to hire another associate to keep up with this growth. But he wanted someone who would fit into the practice and the town. After all, this small-town practice is built on relationships, with a close-knit, down-to-earth team. His ideal hire would understand small-town life and be eager to build patient relationships while becoming part of the local community.

With the help of ADA Practice Transitions (ADAPT), he found just the right person.

“I’ve been practicing 13 years, and ADAPT is a much better option than job boards and transition companies,” he says. “Just a few weeks since [the new associate] joined, she’s turning out to be a great fit.”

A “more scientific” process

Over the years, Dr. Schmidt used job boards and worked with transition companies to try to find staff – but the process often led to dead ends.

This time, he turned to ADA Practice Transitions (ADAPT), intrigued by the different approach.

Dr. Schmidt started by filling out ADAPT’s extensive profile, answering questions that described his practice and his approach to dentistry. The profile asks users to what extent they agree/disagree with statements like:

  • I enjoy the process of training new staff members
  • I want to be the sole decision maker in the office

Once Dr. Schmidt completed his profile, his ADA Advisor began to send potential candidates who shared his goals and timeline – and whose answers complemented his.

He quickly matched with Robyn Rousseau, a D4 at University of New England. A native of southern Maine, Dr. Rousseau wanted to work in a small-town, private practice.

From their first conversation, the two agreed that Dr. Rousseau’s background was a great fit for the practice. Everything else aligned, too. They soon began working through ADAPT’s Associate Contracting Toolkit (free to ADAPT members) and negotiating the particulars. Along the way, the ADA Advisor helped keep things moving along by checking in, offering resources, and answering questions.

“The ADAPT process felt more scientific and delivered the right fit,” Dr. Schmidt says. “It was a shortcut to a great end result.”

Dr. Rousseau joined the practice in mid-June, just weeks after graduation. Today, she’s settling in nicely, seeing patients and working through the last insurance hurdles.

As a generation of dentists retire and patients seek pandemic-deferred treatment, many practice owners are facing packed schedules. Dr. Schmidt recommends they join ADAPT to find the right associate to help share the load. “Go for it!” he says. “It’s an awesome experience that uses the science to make the process very straightforward, seamless, and informative.”

Create your free ADA Practice Transitions profile now to begin finding the right person – buyer or hire – for your practice.

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