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Webinar Replay: Find Career Success with ADA Practice Transitions

Posted by Bree Simmers on 9/24/20 8:45 AM
Bree Simmers

Watch the "Find Career Success with ADAPT" webinarADA Practice Transitions goes beyond practice transactions to focus on the whole transition. Rather than being just another listing service, we focus on connecting dentists who share a similar practice approach – which leads to more successful transitions and careers.

This week’s webinar explored exactly how (and why) we do things this way. Watch the replay, with ADAPT President & CEO Bill Robinson and VP of Dental Practice and Relationships, Dr. Suzanne Ebert, to learn:

  • How ADAPT is designed to help you find a match and success long after the contracts are signed
  • 10 ways that ADAPT is different from traditional practice transition options
  • How to showcase your skills or practice to find the right match for you

During the webinar, Bill and Dr. Ebert covered several questions, including:

What are the fees for the ADAPT service?

I have been working with a competitor for 20 months, but have not gotten results. Can I also work with ADAPT?

  • Yes! We do not have an exclusivity clause, so you can certainly work with ADAPT. And you only pay us if we find your match. (We do suggest you check your contract with your current partner to understand whether they have any exclusivity clauses.)

I’m a student, planning to graduate in May 2021. Can I apply to be an associate in a practice, with an owner hoping to sell in 18-24 months?

  • Yes! The associate-to-owner path could be ideal in this situation. Many owners start thinking about their retirement several years ahead of time, and they are often very receptive to this scenario.

    ADAPT can help you find a practice where an owner is preparing for retirement, but eager to mentor a newer dentist. This can be a win-win for everyone involved: the incoming dentist gets hands-on mentorship to build speed, skills, and confidence, while the current owner can train someone to treat their patients in the same manner. Patients get continuity of care and confidence in the newer dentist.

Can I create a profile as a dental student?

  • Absolutely! We welcome dentists at all levels. It’s smart to start your search early.

How has COVID-19 changed practice transitions and sales?

  • COVID-19 has changed many things, particularly around how practices are financed. We did an entire webinar on this exact topic with two expert dental CPAs from Baker Tilly. They discussed how COVID-19 is changing the practice valuations process, what lenders are now asking for, and how you can insulate yourself from risk. Check out the recap post, which includes Q&A.   

Will you be handling specialist practices, i.e., a pediatric practice looking for associates or an eventual sale?

  • We created ADAPT to address the needs of general practices, though it can be useful for specialists. As we continue to evolve the platform, we plan to have transition paths that are specific to specialists, but we’re not quite there yet.

When should I start? How do I get started?

  • If you are thinking about a transition within the next two years, NOW is the perfect time to start. It can take a while to find just the right match, especially for practices not in an urban area.
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