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Your Information, Your Timing: How We Keep Things Confidential

We understand how important confidentiality can be as you go through a career transition. If you are a practice owner, you may not be ready to share this information with the rest of the dental community quite yet. Keep in mind that the transition can be smoother if time is taken to prepare and involve your staff before the sale. If you are looking to purchase or change positions, you may not be ready to inform your current employer of your plans. We understand these scenarios and will keep everything fully confidential until YOU decide it is time.

More secure than a classified or online posting

When you publish a classified or online listing, anyone can see them. Even if the listing lacks a practice name, it may not be that difficult to connect the dots – particularly in a small town.

By contrast, your ADA Advisor will go through the completed profiles and identify potential matches. Next, the Advisor will show both dentists the basic profile details including philosophy of care statements, general location and essential practice information. You will only see names, addresses, photos, and other details if BOTH sides agree to move forward into the evaluation process. Only those seriously interested in advancing will ever see any contact information.

Dentists will NEVER see a profile for a dentist who is not recommended by the ADA Advisor. This prevents dentists from learning that you are looking for a change.

Why do you need photos? Who will see them?

Pictures are truly worth a thousand words, particularly when it comes to describing a practice. Dentists need to be able to visualize living and working within the space. While operatory photos are not mandatory, they can be very helpful. One person may describe their operatories as “state of the art” while someone else considers them dated. High-quality photos can make a big difference in how your practice shows.

Your photos will not be shared until two dentists have mutually decided to move into an evaluation process. Rest assured that no one can browse the ADA Practice Transitions platform and view your photos.

I want to protect my practice financial information.

If you are selling your practice or looking for someone to become a partial owner, we require some of your practice financial information. This helps match you with a dentist who can afford to purchase your practice. We encourage you to share this information – but you can choose the timing.

Another dentist will only see your practice financials when you agree to share them. Remember that you can select the “Advisor Only” checkbox to shield your information even after agreeing to show contact information.

If you have any questions or concerns about how your information is protected, please do not hesitate to reach out to your ADA Advisor.

ADA Practice Transitions can help you navigate your entire transition. If you are unsure what you want, we can help you fully explore your options to identify the best path forward – and then we can match you with someone who shares your goals. Find out how ADA Practice Transitions can help make your entire transition more successful.

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