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What's This Practice Actually Worth?

Speaker: Dr. Suzanne Ebert, ADAPT VP, Dental Practice & Relationship Management

Practice valuation is an essential part of any sale. But do you know how to thoroughly evaluate a dental practice that's for sale? Are you ready to understand how a buyer will perceive your practice's value?

In this Dental Economics webinar, you will learn: 

  • How value is determined
  • What information is needed for an accurate valuation
  • Why valuations are useful for buyers
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How to Make Your Practice More Appealing to Buyers

Speaker: Dr. Suzanne Ebert, ADAPT VP, Dental Practice & Relationship Management

Are you considering selling your practice? Learn how to make your practice stand out amongst the competition and potentially quicken your sale!

During this webinar, you will learn: 

  • How to market your location
  • The small things you can do to immediately make your practice more appealing
  • What young dentists want in a practice
  • The steps you can take to attract the right buyers
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What's next? Planning for the dental career of your dreams

Speaker: Dr. Suzanne Ebert, ADAPT VP, Dental Practice & Relationship Management

In this webinar, Dr. Suzanne Ebert will help you plan for the dental career you’ve always wanted. Hear the merits of different paths, including some less traditional options, and find out how to look beyond the surface when considering your options.

You will learn:

  • Less common career paths, including some that might even offer loan repayment
  • How to balance your immediate priorities and long-term goals
  • Why you don’t have to rule out buying early in your career
  • Methods to evaluate your options — and keep them open

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How Mentorship Can Enhance Your Career – No Matter What Phase You’re In

Speaker: Dr. Suzanne Ebert, ADAPT VP, Dental Practice & Relationship Management

Why is mentorship so important to the future of dentistry? How can you find the right mentor/mentee – and build a successful relationship? In this webinar, Dr. Suzanne Ebert, ADA Practice Transitions Vice President of Dental Practice & Relationships, will explore how mentorship can enhance both doctors’ work while helping deliver top-notch care to patients. 

During this webinar, you will learn: 

  • Why mentorship is more important now than ever before
  • How to determine if being a mentor or mentee is right for you
  • How to think about a mentorship transition plan

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Find Career Success with ADA Practice Transitions

Speakers: Bill Robinson, ADA Practice Transitions CEO & President, and Dr. Suzanne Ebert, ADAPT VP, Dental Practice & Relationship Management

ADA Practice Transitions (ADAPT) matches like-minded dentists who want to buy or sell a practice, hire an associate, or find a job. However, ADAPT isn’t just another listing service. We connect dentists who share a similar practice approach – which leads to more successful transitions and careers. In this webinar, we will walk through how your ADAPT profile is designed to showcase your strengths and find you the right match – so you can succeed.

During this webinar, you will learn: 

  • The 3-step ADAPT process
  • How to use the ADAPT process to showcase your skills and/or practice to find the right match
  • Why the ADAPT process is different and how it leads to higher success rates

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Taking the Legal Pain Out of Buying or Selling a Dental Practice

Speakers: Charlie Douglas, managing partner of Douglas Law Firm and Dr. Suzanne Ebert, ADAPT VP, Dental Practice & Relationship Management

Charlie Douglas, managing partner of Douglas Law Firm, talked through building the foundation for a successful practice transition while avoiding potential legal pitfalls.  

During this webinar, you will learn: 

  • How to assemble the right team of experts for your practice transition (and what to ask)
  • What to include in a letter of intent
  • Your estate planning options, and why they should be reviewed during a practice transition
  • Legal concerns for a selling dentist after leaving the practice

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How to Manage & Retain Staff During a Practice Transition

Speakers: Dr. Betsy Shapiro, ADA, Director of Practice Management and the Center for Professional Success and and Dr. Suzanne Ebert, ADAPT VP, Dental Practice & Relationship Management

Drs. Shapiro and Ebert explained how to help the whole staff meld into a functional team during a practice transition while ensuring the new dentist successfully fits in. Find out how buyer and seller (or owner and associate) can work together to make this happen.   

During this webinar, you will learn how to: 

  • Involve staff in the practice transitions process
  • Retain, hire, and terminate staff during a transition
  • Conduct joint planning sessions that streamline the transition
  • Navigate COVID-related staff issues, including transitioning back from furlough

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Selling Your Practice in the COVID-19 Era: Advice from Accounting Experts

Speakers: Chris VanStraten, CPA, Wisconsin firm leader for Baker Tilly’s dental practice management group, and Andy McCarty, CPA, Senior Tax Manager for Baker Tilly. Baker Tilly is a founding member of ADCPA.

This ADA Practice Transitions Coffee Talk Webinar featured two expert dental CPAs from Baker Tilly, sharing their perspectives on how COVID-19 is changing dental practice sales.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • Which policies and documents you need to evaluate – and potentially update – before you consider selling 
  • How to approach practice valuation when staffing and active patient counts may be in flux
  • Strategies to insulate yourself from risk and uncertainty

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Before You Buy: The Financial Side of a Practice Transition

Speaker: Robert Westhoven, VP, Commercial Team Manager and Commercial Loan Officer at Androscoggin Bank

Rob explained how you can prepare your finances for a practice purchase, whether you are considering buying soon or just thinking about your future.  

During this webinar you will learn: 

  • 5 typical financing scenarios for dentists
  • How banks typically evaluate loan applications and how COVID-19 is changing this
  • The differences between financing a startup, an acquisition, or a partner buy-in
  • How to build a financing team and application package

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