Resources for Owners

The Practice Transition Roadmap

Our free Practice Transition Roadmap outlines the steps you should take before and during your practice sale to ensure a successful transition.

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Building Your Integration Plan

Hiring an associate or bringing on a partner? Get a sample integration plan and learn how to smoothly incorporate the new doctor into your practice.

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What is the Mentorship-to-Ownership transition path?

If you’re ready to step aside from clinical dentistry but aren't ready to completely walk away from your practice, consider our new Mentorship-to-Ownership transition path.

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The Practice Valuation Checklist

Download this free checklist to help you gather documents pertaining to your practice finances, practice statistics, and practice assets.

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Resources for Associates and Buyers

The Practice Transition Roadmap

Buying a dental practice? Our free roadmap helps you prepare your financials, evaluate practices, and conduct negotiations so that you can complete a successful practice transition.

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Consider Your Career Options – All of Them

Some dentists graduate knowing exactly what they want – but many aren’t quite sure. When you keep an open mind about your career path, you might find satisfaction in a place you had never considered.

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What You Need to Know Before Signing That Contract

Starting a new associateship? Get the free guide to evaluating your employment contract and protecting your interests.

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What is Mentorship-to-Ownership?

Owning your own practice is a common goal of early-career dentists, but the hardest question is: how do I get there? With our Mentorship-to-Ownership transition path, you match with a dentist, begin working in their private practice, and receive on-site mentorship until the agreed-upon date the owner will sell the practice to you, leaving you with a practice to call your own.

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