Posted: 05/08/2019

We understand how important confidentiality can be as you go through a career transition. If you are a practice owner, you may not be ready to share this information with the rest of the dental community quite yet. Keep in mind that the transition can be smoother if time is taken to prepare and involve your staff before the sale. If you are looking to purchase or change positions, you may not be ready to inform your current employer of your plans. We understand these scenarios and will keep…

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Know Your Options

Posted: 05/08/2019

Looking for your next dental job? Whether you have recently graduated from dental school or have a few years of experience, you have plenty of options. 

According to the ADA Health Policy Institute, 64% of new dentists are working full time in private practice one year after graduation while 20% are completing residency/specialty programs. Even if you know you are looking at private practice, you have some options: do you want to work as an associate or own a practice? 

Consider which…

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4 Options for Expanding Your Practice

Posted: 04/25/2019

Your practice is growing. Maybe you want to work fewer hours or maybe you are thinking about retirement. 

No matter your reasons, you have decided it is time to bring in another dentist.

Before you start interviewing associates or potential buyers, consider what type of dentist – and arrangement – might be right for your practice, your patients, and your own goals.

Which option fits your needs?

Patients, on-call coverage, liability, costs, decisions, expertise – practice…

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6 Ways to Get Staff Buy-in for Your Practice Transition

Posted: 04/25/2019

Your staff can make or break your practice transition. 

Change can be scary. Your long-time staff may be apprehensive about the future of the practice – after all, the practice provides their livelihoods, too. However, you can take steps to reassure staff and gain their buy-in. When staff is on board, they can be your biggest advocates and streamline the transition.

1. Be open about your intentions

If you have worked with the same team for several years, you have likely shared plenty…

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Don’t Settle: Identify the Ideal Practice for You

Posted: 04/24/2019

There’s no such thing as a typical dental practice. They can range from homey rural offices to busy urban spaces, with everything in between. 

Some factors are no-brainers: location, schedule, and compensation. Other factors are a bit less tangible but worth your consideration. In each case, there’s no right answer. Rather, think about what sounds most appealing and where you can be most successful.  

1. Relationship-driven or volume-driven?

Some dentists build a…

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