How it works

ADA Practice Transitions (ADAPT) matches dentists looking to join a practice with owners who are seeking an associate or someone to purchase their practice in Maine and Wisconsin. We will help guide you through the process and at every step, your ADA Advisor will provide resources to help you feel confident in your decision. 

Maintaining confidentiality is an important part of your transition. Personally identifiable information is only shared when both you and a suggested candidate agree to begin the interview process. ADAPT ensures confidentiality over the typical process because only serious candidates who have been identified as a strong match are able to view the details of your profile. 

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Create a profile that showcases your credentials, practice, philosophy of care and other elements that reflect who you are and how you practice dentistry.


We assess all your attributes and those of fellow dentists until we find the right person – one who shares your philosophy and goals.


You will be assigned an ADA Advisor who will help you set goals and expectations, foster a meaningful connection with another dentist, and provide support long after the paperwork is signed.

Join the pilot program

Join ADAPTDuring 2019, ADA Practice Transitions is available to dentists looking to become an associate or purchase a practice in Maine or Wisconsin or looking to sell their practice in either state. The service will be evaluated in Q4 of 2019 with possible expansion in 2020.

If you are not currently eligible for the pilot but interested, please complete the online form below to receive updates. 
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I am in Wisconsin or Maine or interested in practicing in either state.
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Choose your path

Career transitions are big decisions. We can help as you think about taking your next step. Choose your path below for tips and advice from your ADA Advisor. 

Find an associateship

I want to join an established practice where I can grow my career.

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Purchase a practice

I want to purchase all or part of a practice. The current dentist could be retiring or plan to work for a while longer.

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Sell my practice

I am looking to sell or heading towards retirement and want someone to take over, either right away or after a transition period.

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Expand my practice

I am expanding my practice and need a qualified person who shares my goals and approach to care.

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Every practice transition is unique – and takes time and effort. ADA Practice Transitions helps you find the right practice, or the best dentist to bring into your practice while taking the uncertainty out of the process.

The service is open to everyone; however, ADA members benefit from preferred pricing that can save a significant amount of money compared to many of the options currently available. 

ADA Pricing Structure