What is the Mentorship-to- Ownership transition path?

Owning your own practice is a common goal of early-career dentists, but the hardest question is: how do I get there?

With our new Mentorship-to-Ownership transition path, you match with a dentist, begin working in their private practice, and receive on-site mentorship until the agreed-upon date the owner will sell the practice to you, leaving you with a practice to call your own. You'll get:

An on-site mentor who will teach you the ins-and-outs of running a practice
The ability to build your business and clinical skills before becoming an owner
A clearly defined path to practice ownership

If you're ready to make a commitment, work independently in a solo practice, and want to learn from an established dentist, then let us know by filling out this form.

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How The Mentorship-To-Ownership Path Works

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Use ADAPT’s powerful matching technology to connect with practices you’d like to join and eventually own.

Set The Terms For Your Transition

Agree upfront on associate pay, timeline, purchase price and how you and the established dentist will work together.

Complete a Successful Transition

Begin working in the practice and slowly transform it into the dental practice you’ve always wanted to own.

Is This Right For Me?

If you answer 'yes' to these questions, the Mentorship-to-Ownership path may be right for you.

I want to become an owner but I’m not ready to buy today

I know I want to become a practice owner, but I’m not ready to run my own business without understanding all the intricacies of becoming a business owner first.

I’m an independent worker who wants on-demand mentorship

I’m ready to take over and perform the clinical aspects of a solo practice, and I am open to learning from an established dentist.

I’m ready to make a commitment

I will be ready to commit to this practice and community for the long-run, knowing that this will one day be my practice and patient base.                                                                                         

I want a solo private practice and am open to smaller market opportunities

I understand that some of the best opportunities may be hidden gems in communities I may not have previously considered.

How Does This Differ From Associate-To-Owner Paths?

Some of the best mentorship opportunities are in small town and rural areas with very few practices. When an owner retires, it can leave thousands of residents with no access to dental care. These owners are eager to find and mentor buyers to ensure continuity of care for their practice.

The mentorship-to-ownership path is ideal for dentists looking to:
  • Run a small solo practice, typically with four or less operatories
  • Work independently on patients while consulting the selling owner on advanced procedures
  • Purchase a practice with a relatively small price tag in a smaller town or rural area

If you're interested in working in a larger practice or an urban area, the associate-to-owner path may be a better fit.

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