Dental Practice Reporter  January 2022
How AI Is Transforming Dental Practice Transitions

By using a primarily digital environment, today’s dentists can now find the perfect match (whether practice or person), manage the evaluation, and complete a transaction with greater efficiency and success. AI has the potential  to uncover great opportunities a dentist may have overlooked, similar to Netflix, StitchFix, Priceline, or other tech-first companies..

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The Dental Brief  December 2021
The Value of a Mentorship-to-Ownership Approach

Dr. Ebert built a successful dental practice from scratch. After selling her practice, she became the dental director of a federally qualified health center where she provided high quality care to underserved populations. Today she focuses on the mentorship to ownership approach.

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Press Release  December 2021
ADA Practice Transitions is Named Winner of 20th Annual Chicago Innovation Awards 

Company is recognized for its state-of-the-art online matching platform designed to support digital transformation in the dental industry.

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First Coast Connect With Melissa Ross  October 2021
24 Hours Of Climate Reality; dental industry decline; Florida-Georgia weekend; Kurtis Loftus

The pandemic hit dentists hard. Many find themselves closing their practices, especially in rural areas. Patients are putting off appointments too, risking their health in the process. 

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Dental Practice Reporter  October 2021
A Guide To What It Costs To Sell A Dental Practice

The answer to “what does it actually cost to sell a dental practice?” is as you’d expect – it depends. Numerous factors play into selling a dental practice and make each sale unique, impacting the total cost. This article will discuss some of these factors, offer a range of costs, and explore ways to minimize or avoid those costs.

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Worcester Business Journal  October 2021
10 Things I know about ... Buying & selling a business

Buying or exiting a business can be an exciting and profitable venture, but it’s essential to do your due diligence. Whether you run a dental or medical practice, a small family-run company, or a large corporation, the general steps remain the same. 

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CommonWealth  October 2021
Small dental practices face uncertain future

Independent dentists who work in rural areas and suburbs across Massachusetts are in a vulnerable spot. The dental practice landscape is changing, and the small, private practices that are an essential part of the fabric of these communities may soon disappear.

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The Journal of Multidisciplinary Decisions In Dentistry  October 2021
ADA Business Innovation Group Names Tim Steffl New President and Chief Executive Officer

The American Dental Association (ADA) Business Innovation Group (ADABIG) today announced Tim Steffl as its new president and chief executive officer.  In this position, Steffl will be responsible for establishing short and long-term profitability and measureable growth of ADABIG to meet strategic and financial goals, as well as creating a strategy for increasing and scaling ADA Practice Transitions.

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Telegram & Gazette  September 2021
Access to dental care a challenge in some Worcester County communities

There's a problem, according to the American Dental Association. Younger dentists aren't settling in rurual areas. The Result is less access to quality dental care.

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Dental Economics  September 2021
Transitions Roundtable: Which practice numbers should I focus on improving for potential buyers?

I’d like to sell my practice in the next five years. I know the potential buyers and brokers will look at my P&Ls for the past few years, but what other practice data do they look at? Which practice numbers should I focus on improving?

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Authority Magazine  August 2021
Five Things You Need To Know If You Want To Build, Scale and Prepare Your Business For a Lucrative Exit

As a part of our series about “Five Things You Need To Know If You Want To Build, Scale and Prepare Your Business For a Lucrative Exit, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Suzanne Ebert.

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Dental Practice Reporter  July 2021
How To Transition Your Practice When Life Happens

In my work, I talk to dentists from across the country who are preparing for career transitions. Some are retiring and taking the next step on their long-planned path, but others face outside forces that make them rethink their priorities and goals. 

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