Mentorship Resources

How to find mentors to guide you to practice ownership and other career goals.
Mentorship-to-Ownership Transition Path

Get an on-site mentor who will teach
you the ins-and-outs of running a

Find A Mentor

Put Your Name on the Building Sooner with the Mentorship-to-Ownership Path

Learn how Mentorship-to-Ownership can accelerate your path to practice ownership.

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Copy of How Mentorship Can Enhance Your Career
How Mentorship Can Enhance Your Career

Live webinar with Q&A on how to find the right mentor and build a successful relationship.

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Considering Career Options

Questions to consider before relocating or accepting a job offer. 
Set Reasonable Expectations for Your First Dental Job

Learn how to set reasonable expectations for your first dental job - so you can find career satisfaction.

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5 Questions to Ask Your Partner Before Relocating

Considering relocation? Before you hire the moving truck, make sure to consider your partner's needs.

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Why a Rural Practice May Be a Perfect Fit

Rural practices often have lower overhead and higher collections — leading to faster loan repayment.

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Find_the_right_dental_associateship (1)
5 Tips to Find the Right Dental Associateship for You

Half of associateships fail. Improve your chances of success by asking these crucial questions.

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Consider Your Career Options — All of Them

What size practice is right for you? What is an associate-to-owner path? This ebook explores all of your options.

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Browse Selected Practice Profiles

Looking to buy? Browse a sampling of the hundreds of dental practices for sale through ADAPT.

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Found a Practice? Here are 5 Must-Ask Questions

Ask yourself these five key questions to decide whether a practice is one where you can grow, contribute and thrive.

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Podcast (2)
How Dental Students Can Take Ownership of Their Careers

Dental students have more dental options than they realize. Learn how to take ownership of your career.

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Red flags & must ask questions for any dental interview

 Go into every interview with a plan. Learn what to ask and what to watch out for during your job interview.

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Contracts & Negotiations

Learn what to look for in a contract and how to negotiate with confidence.
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Prepare & Prioritize: How to Negotiate with Confidence

A bit of preparation can go a long way towards making a negotiation smoother and more successful.

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WWWW: My Restrictive Covenant Was Too Restrictive

A non-compete clause helps protect an owner dentist from competition – but what makes one unreasonable?

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The True Cost of a Signing Bonus

Some corporate entities pay dentists signing bonuses to stay for a certain number of years. But is there a catch?

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What You Need to Know Before Signing That Contract

Learn how to evaluate your employment contract and protect your interests.

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More Than Meets The Eye: How Associate Pay Can Vary

Understand whether your salary is based on total production, billable production, or collections and how that can affect your take-home pay.

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Don't Ghost: How to Build a Strong Professional Reputation

Find out how to communicate in a way that builds a positive reputation throughout the dental practice transition process.

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Coffee Talk Webinars & Podcasts

Grab a cup of coffee and receive practice transition advice from the experts.
What's Next? Planning for the Dental Career of your Dreams

Hear the merits of different paths and find out how to look beyond the surface when considering your options.

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How Mentorship Can Enhance Your Career

Live webinar with Q&A on how to find the right mentor and build a successful relationship.

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How Ownership Can Offer Better Work-Life Balance

Dr. Ebert shares her story about starting dental school with toddlers and establishing her own practice.

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Podcast (2)
How Dental Students Can Take Ownership of Their Careers

Dental students have more dental options than they realize. Learn how to take ownership of your career.

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Success Stories

Stories from dentists who have navigated their own career changes.
Bringing Together Two Dentists for Mentorship and Growth

Dr. Sikora wanted her first associateship to include plenty of hands-on mentorship. See how ADAPT found her match.

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How Mentorship Helped One Dentist Build a Thriving Career

When Dr. Sara Makary started her career, she followed a path taken by many of her peers: a job in corporate dentistry. But something was missing.

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Building a Career that Balances Business with Dentistry

Dr. Daniel Hall shares his learnings with other dentists so they can find the right fit, the first time.

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Additional ADA Resources

Check out these resources on starting your career or buying and managing a practice.
How (and Why) ADAPT and the ADA are Connected

ADAPT was created to help dentists find the right job, practice, or hire and chart the best path to reach their long-term goals.

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Guidelines for Practice Success (2)
The ADA's Guidelines for Practice Success

From managing patients to handling finances, the Guidelines for Practice SuccessTM has the resources you need to achieve your practice goals.

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Practice Management Webinars (1)
ADA Practice Management Webinars

Watch experts discuss topics including legal considerations for practice owners, managing staff, treatment planning, and marketing.

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New Dentist Now

New Dentist Now features resources for new dentists and dental students as well as news and insight on the dental profession and beyond.